7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019

To those who are looking for the best Christmas vacations, this article is for you! From destinations around the world, consider one of these 7 best Christmas vacations for families for a magical Christmas vacation.

Whether you stay at home or choose one of these family holidays, ultimately Christmas vacation is simply about being together! Here are 7 of the best places to spend Christmas!


Christmas in London is a blast and one of the best places to spend the festive season. From the Christmas markets to Christmas carols and festive films, the city becomes awesome for Christmas (even more than it is usually!).

Christmas in London one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #london #christmas

Unfortunately, with global warming, snow in London isn’t likely to happen in December. However, you cannot skip London as an option when it comes to the best Christmas vacation list. The city is still cold and glorious!

There are so many things to do in London during the Christmas holidays. Catch a London Christmas show or the Annual Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Take a tour of the London Christmas Lights or go ice-skating. Unleash Your Inner Child at Hamley’s or meet Father Christmas (he’s EVERYWHERE!)

Staying in London is expensive, so do book in advance. The Clayton Hotel Chiswick and Club Quarters Hotel are two fantastic hotels for families in London.

Grab cheap flights to London and book a rental car once you ready to celebrate Christmas in London.

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New York

Visit the Big Apple in December to truly enjoy Christmas in New York. From mid-November, NYC transforms literally into the Santa’s home in the North Pole and continues to exude magical energy throughout the festive season.

Christmas in New York, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #NYC #newyorkcity #christmas
source: flickr.com

Talking about Santa and his elves, make sure you visit Santa’s Workshop located near Lake Placid. Since 1949, this iconic attraction captures the fantasy of old-fashioned Christmas at the North Pole. Here the children have a chance to meet Santa and his reindeer.

After that, head over to the Rockefeller Centre and take Instagram viral pics in front of their Christmas tree. Ensure you get your Christmas gift shopping done early at the Christmas Markets as items go quick. And, finally, end your holiday watching the ball drop at the Times Square New Years’ Eve celebrations.

Like London, hotel rates in New York are expensive during the Christmas holidays, so book well in advance. I suggest you find a place in Manhattan as traveling around with kids in the cold will be a challenge.

Find cheap flights to New York or book a rental car for your New York Christmas experience.

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European Christmas Markets are known for being the best in the world and Vienna consistently ranks in the top 5 for being the most Christmas-y destination.

Christmas in Vienna, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #vienna #christmas

From mid-November onwards, town squares are decorated with enormous, illuminated trees and glitzy Christmas market stalls filled with mulled wine, crafts and, roasted chestnuts. These old traditional Vienna Christmas markets are modernizing without losing their cozy touch which is the best of both worlds. Strings of Christmas lights adorn every conceivable street, residents and tourists alike meander through Christmas market stalls hunting for the prettiest mugs to take home.

Everything is slightly tinted in purple and blue, with warm lights reminding you every moment that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!

Since Vienna is a globally popular Christmas vacation destination, book in advance. (Do you see a theme developing here?) I recommend renting out apartments as they are cheaper than hotel rooms. Check out Abieshomes Serviced Apartments or Alga Apartments am Westbahnhof, both very good choices for families.

You can find cheap flights to Vienna through Kayak.com and book a rental car through Rentalcars Connect.

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Next on the list of Best Christmas Vacations for Families is the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is such a perfect place to enjoy the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays.

Christmas in Prague, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #Prague #christmas

Christmas in Prague is one to be remembered for sure. The Gothic and Baroque architecture is illuminated by Christmas lights, inviting families to explore the wonder that it holds. The most important feature of Prague is the true Christmas atmosphere, scented with cinnamon and clove. Wherever you go for your self guided walking tour of the city you will find mulled wine, hot mead and the famous juicy ham they cook here.

Try and stay at Grandium Prague, a hotel known for its sensational breakfast. If they are fully booked, check out Hotel Opera, a family-run hotel located in a neo-Renaissance building in the center of Prague.

Find affordable flights to Prague and make sure you book a rental car to take day trips to the nearby towns.

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You will absolutely love Rome at Christmas time. Rome is always stunning, but Christmas in Rome is magical. The city is all lit up and decorated, there are wonderful things to eat, and it’s a great time to see Rome in an entirely different light – literally.

Make sure you visit St Peter?s Square and Basilica, especially its’ Christmas tree. The tree arrives in the Piazza at the end of November and gets lit around the 8th of December (the exact date changes every year).

Christmas in Rome, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #rome #christmas

If you want the more religious experience, then celebrate Midnight mass at the Pantheon or marvel at the ‘100 nativity scenes? exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante. If that is not your cup of tea, head over to the Auditorium and go ice-skating or load up on sweets from the Christmas markets.

Since you in Rome, you might as well take in the sights and many of the attractions stay open during the Christmas vacation period to cater to tourists. When sightseeing in Rome at Christmas, wrap up warm and make sure you get hold of skip the line tickets!

Stay in the heart of Rome with the Boutique Centrale Palace a guesthouse or the Polacchi 42 Apartment. All the main attractions are walking distance from them.

Look for cheap flights to Rome and book a rental car before its too late!!

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The wonderful thing about Christmas in Quebec City is that it feels like Christmas everywhere you go. Imagine that Charles Dicken?s A Christmas Carol has come to life, and it will look a lot like Old Quebec City during the Christmas holidays. You can sightsee all day or you can just walk through Old Quebec and you will be surrounded in Christmas cheer.

Christmas in Quebec, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #quebec #christmas
source: flickr.com

Quebec has loads on offer for families in the Christmas season, such as the German Christmas Market, a true Christmas Village where the snow, lights, and European architecture create a magnificent setting, as well as a selection of Christmas-themed tours. Add in the fact that the kids can enjoy a large variety of snow activities. There really is something really magical about Quebec at Christmas time!

If you can stay in Old Quebec City, do it! Being able to walk out of your hotel room and be in the middle of Christmas is worth the slightly higher price you will pay. H?tel Sainte-Anne and Les Lofts 1048 are great family stay options.

Finally, pack your warmest, most cozy clothes. The weather in Quebec is snowy and COLD. Make sure you have good snowshoes and lots and lots of layers!

Book flights to Quebec and reserve a rental car for that magical Christmas vacation.


Christmas in Scotland or more specifically Edinburgh is another place to spend Christmas vacation.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the Christmas holidays in Edinburgh – visit the Edinburgh Christmas Markets, go ice-skating, see the Nativity in St. Andrew Square or let loose your children on the amusement rides!

Christmas in Edinburgh, one of 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families in 2019. #travelclans #edinburgh #christmas

Head over to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for the evening light trail. Each evening in December, they have illuminated trails that include lots of lights, music, and illuminations. You can also buy hot-chocolate or mulled wine to enjoy along the trail. There is an entrance fee and you can book tickets online in advance or buy them on site.

There are many fine accommodations options in Edinburgh to choose from. My top picks are Stay Edinburgh City Apartments – Royal Mile and Leonardo Royal Edinburgh Haymarket

Check out flights to Edinburgh and book a rental car for day trips to Dundee, Glasgow, and Inverness.

So there we have it…

…the 7 Best Christmas Vacations for Families. I’m sure there must be a few you find interesting, but I would love to know more about your family Christmas vacation ideas.

Till then, go forth and eat all the mince pies, washed down with lashings of mulled wine!

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  1. We still have one vacation left this year and I was thinking November, but this makes me think maybe I should wait until the Christmas season begins! I definitely want to at least spend a weekend in NYC around Christmastime

  2. Thanks for the article, makes me feel like I have to be somewhere this Christmas because usually I am home not doing much of anything. New York doesn’t sound like a bad idea during that time.

  3. I have been to Prague and Vienna in winter but missed the xmas markets by just days -soooo sad still to this day. I will go back for sure and bring my kids, looks so magical!

  4. Awesome Christmas market ideas, thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Italy and Rome, but New York has always been at the top of my bucket list…visiting over Christmas and New Years it my ultimate goal.


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