Best Beach Vacations for Families – Mauritius

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If you are like me every winter, you open google and search “Best Beach Vacations for Families”. The usual suspects are shown. If you are looking for something different, then visit Mauritius

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The Best of Mauritius - Best Beach Vacation for Families
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Experience a refreshing stay on the beachfront

The island is best known for its sandy beaches and luxurious resorts that attract millions of tourists yearly, celebrities included. If you decide to join this year?s list, then head to the northern part where you?ll be welcomed by the calm sun and slightly breezy weather throughout April till December, along with mild rainfall between September to November. If you?re a family of four, 2 adults and 2 children then La Pirogue (US $665 per night), Sugar Beach Hotel (US $441 per night), Hilton Mauritius (US $1,965 per night) and Gold Beach Resort (US $324 per night) are ideal spots, located near Flic en Flac, which are the best beach vacations Mauritius has to offer within that area. The beach reflects clear blue crystal water and is surrounded by breath-taking views of natural wonders.

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Fun filled activities for the entire family

Beaches have always been the main attraction for water sports so you?re going to find loads of options to choose from. In addition, your hotel can arrange tours and excursions to explore the magical land of Mauritius and witness mesmerizing sites such as the tropical terrains and beautiful sea creatures, enjoy some mountain biking and fishing or experience a relaxing spa session.

Sitting at beach watching the waves

Most resorts offer free high speed internet access, fitness centers, sporting grounds, swimming pool, restaurants and indoor entertainment. Kids have access to exclusive clubs where they?re treated like VIPs and have a wide variety of activities to take part in such as arts and crafts, cooking lessons, age suitable water sports, movies and puppet shows, a proper gymnasium and other facilities the clubs are equipped with, all in a safe and a kid-friendly environment. The best part is, the clubs are free to access with minor difference in terms and conditions. For shopping buffs, there are numerous shops and malls to spend at. Look for exclusive beachwear, accessories and gifts for family and friends.

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Flexible Transport options

Boy on Boat

From Port Louis (capital of Mauritius), there?s a bus service that operates every 15 minutes and costs from $1 to $3 per person. It?s the best and cheapest way to make it to the beach and is preferred by most tourists. Alternatively, you can book a taxi ride at the same price if you?re traveling with family and want to travel privately. Upon reaching the beach, there are many local agencies you can rent a car or bicycle from and explore the surroundings on your own.

Mauritius Beach Vacation you cannot miss!

Mauritius is the land of captivating beauty and hypnotic scenic views which are bound to take you into another world. There?s not a spot you wouldn?t want to photograph at and no better place to be when there?s so much to delve into under the sky.


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Moving further south, we off to Cape Town, South Africa. Before you go there, read more about the essentials by clicking here.

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Making summer plans? Check out Mauritius
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  1. I really like this beach. And I wonder is it possible to find gluten free foods nearby? Because I really can’t consume foods with gluten and my brother also don’t prefer consuming it.

  2. I can’t believe it,this is a fantastic place for sure. I like the beach especially when I am with my son. I like when I am at the beach walking into the sand with my feet without shoes I feel relaxed.

    This place is fantastic and I hope there is a place near where people can buy what to drink and eat.

    This website contains great places for sure,it makes me want to go to the beach .

    Thank you for sharing with us those nice places .

  3. Honestly I can’t just stop laughing for excitement you have brought to me and my family,giving us a better clue of our next beach tourist which is coming up soon.I had always heard of Mauritius but never new something refreshing lies there. My kids will love this because I can see that a special VIP treatment awaits them.To crown it all, the hotel price is awesome especially that of Hilton Mauritius Hotel which I think will suit our interest.Thanks a lot travel clans

  4. My friends has just showed us their trip to Mauritius and that was breathtaking! I wish to fly there now watching the video, I wish! The price for the accommodation is above average, do you think? Is that the price for peak season? How many days do you recommend to stay so we can fully enjoy the activities there? 

    • Hi Emily,

      Price being above average really depends on your definition of average as it varies from person to person. 

      I recommend you spend at least a week there to truly experience the place.

  5. Hello again Tarun, 

    Can’t get enough of your site, there seems to be so many interesting places that caught my eye every time I go through 🙂

    I love beaches and I’ve covered pretty much all the beaches there are here in Malaysia and next year, countries on my bucket list are Capetown, Maldives, an after reading your post, Mauritius! What do you think of the coral reef in Mauritius? I heard that it’s a snorkel-must spots to go to in the world 😀


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