Best Beach Vacations for Families – Perth, Australia

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Picture the best beach vacation for your family. You are lying under a beach umbrella on a white sandy beach which stretches as far as you can see. Surrounded by picnic tables and park benches you can watch the kids having loads of fun in the nearby playground or build sand castles on the beach. So what place is this? This is Perth.

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This summer where will your feet take you? Perth - Best Beach Vacations for Families  
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When to go? Good Question

The best time to visit Perth is spring season which starts September and lasts till November. Expect temperatures as low as 11?C, slight sunny days, warm evenings and mild rainfall along with the beautiful fragrance of blooming flowers.

The Cost Factor

Australian currency is known as the Australian Dollar (AUD). Travelers can bring in foreign currency to Australia but an amount of US $10000 or equivalent must be declared at the airport. Foreign currency must be exchanged to AUD for spending. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere within the country but it is essential to carry some cash as some shops will not accept cards below amount $15.

  • A daily budget of US $30 will get:
  • A 3-course meal at a mid-range restaurant for 2 people $15
  • A meal at a fast food restaurant $8
  • Taxi Start normal tariff $3.02
  • Taxi 1 km normal tariff $1.24


There are some great accommodation options nearby the beach perfect for a family of 4. I recommend Cottesloe Beach Chalets for $146 per night for a standard two-bedroom chalet, Cottesloe Beach Hotel for $287 per night for a double room and Bluebirds Palms for $60 per night for an apartment.

Getting Around

The best way to move around in Perth is to purchase a Smart Rider card which gives you access to buses, trains, and ferries throughout the city. The card costs $7.20 and requires an initial deposit. A daily charge of $9.08 will be deducted from the card while you travel. A more convenient way to witness tourist attractions is to get on a hop-on, hop-off bus. A 1-day ticket costs $22 and a 2-day ticket comes for $29.

Top things to do in Perth

  • For some underwater adventures head to AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia) as it offers some activities besides a display of the amazing marine life. Kids aged 8+ can snorkel with marine species and mermaids and there?s a treasure hunt where kids will need to search marked medallions and win a prize when completed. All activities are carried out under the strict supervision of the AQWA staff. Tickets for person 16+ are $22, children aged 4 to 15 $14. Free entrance for kids under 4.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park is bound to become kids favorite as it the place where not only can they witness and take photos with koalas, kangaroos, and wombats but also take a camel ride, or watch a farm show which includes sheep shearing shows, baby lamb feeding and more. Tickets cost $22 per adult and $10 per child.
  • The entire family can play the Realmz Escape Game together. Choose from Curse of the Mummy (2 to 5 players) or Zenith Prime (2 to 6 players). Using the given items and clues you?ll need to solve mysteries in 45 minutes of time. Ticket per person is $26.
  • You can kill a day at The Maze, home of Outback Splash. This place is home to 5 mazes, 9 mini golf holes, a playground for kids and a giant bouncing pillow. Tickets come for $25 per adult, $20 per child and kids under 3 are free to enter.
  • For basic shopping Galleria Shopping Center is the place to be at. You?ll find all sorts of affordable brands and everything from fashion clothing to shoes and accessories.
  • If luxury is your thing then head to King Street, which is home to all the high-end boutiques such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada etc. If you?ve been saving up some cash and are addicted to high-end labels then this is your spot.
  • For foodies, there are wonderful dining spots such as Grill and Chill and Royal India which cater to Asian food lovers along with veg options. For some light snacks checkout Rubra by the Swan and The Tuck Shop Caf?.

The Best of Perth

Perth makes you curious and triggers a need to find out more making every day is more fun and memorable. What I have mentioned above are just some of the reasons to visit Perth!


Flights to Perth: I recommend searching through They scan tons of different travel discount sites and feature special flight deals. Being on its own on the west coast, Perth has an international airport that most airlines will fly directly into. Some airlines may have a stopover at Singapore or Hong Kong depending on the number of passengers they have.

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Next, we visit the country that gave us the classic movie – Cool Runnings – Jamaica (okay, USA gave us that but it is about them).

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Making Summer Plans? Check out Perth, Australia
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  1. I stumbled across this website and was pleasantly surprised to see you featuring Perth. When people plan to visit Australia, they picture the east coast. But in fact, Perth and Western Australia are our hidden secret. Perth is the most isolated city in the world with a population of >2 million people. We have exquisite beaches with very few people to share it with. You can travel our coast line of WA and stand on the most magical beach and be the only living soul to see it that day. I can highly recommend visitors to make the effort to come to Perth as you won’t be disappointed. I thank you for featuring our magical city.

  2. I have traveled everywhere in Australia except for Perth which I am really gutted I did not get to go to, I heard its like Adelaide but better and Adelaide was my favorite city! I recently wrote a post about my travel adventure on the About me on my website

    But thats not why I am leaving a comment, I really enjoyed your post and brought back some amazing memories! You laid out all the prices very well and are very useful. I will go back next year, so I bookmarked this page

    • Hi Ant,

      Yeah unfortunately when a lot of travel visit Australia, they tend to leave out Perth because it feels so far away. But in reality it worth the travel time. I’m glad you like my post. Did you have a chance to check out the other blogs?

  3. Hey, you did such a good job at describing all the fees, makes way more easier to get the budget right or at least gives a very good idea of the expenses that must be anticipated while there. Thank you for that I really appreciate it!

    I totally loved the things to do you listed, especially the one on Aquarium. I’ve been to several throughout Germany and England and their always my favorite place to visit. I bet that the Aquarium of Western Australia would be so much fun to visit, I would probably get to see some Aqua species I don’t get to see in Europe.

    All in all Perth really seems like an awesome place to visit. And on top of that I wouldn’t say that it’s expensive there, so we’ll definitely consider to go some time next year.

    Thank you for all the detail you provided!
    Cheers and have a Great One!


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