Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – The Americas

Still, looking for a budget travel destination? If part one didn’t get your travel mojo moving, then hopefully Glamorous Central & Latin America will!

There are plenty of budget travel destinations where you can get a lot more for your money! And these incredible countries offer not just great value but also unforgettable sights and experiences. The trick is knowing where to go, and spend your money wisely.

From Cuba to Colombia, here is part 2 of the Top 20 budget travel destinations around the world that offer the essentials – accommodation, transportation, and food without breaking the bank.

Glamorous Central & Latin America


Havana, Cuba  which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Cuba #Havana #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Vintage American Car on the streets of Havana, Cuba

Did you know that Cuba is also one of the inexpensive destinations in the Americas? There’s rarely been a better time to visit Cuba. Private enterprise is displaying the first buds of a creative spring, while the big-name brands from that well-known frenemy in the north have yet to dilute the cultural magic. 

Why would you go to Cuba?

The vast majority of Cuba’s tourists gravitate to the attractive arcs of white sand that pepper the country’s north coast and offshore islands. But, explore beyond the beaches and you’re in a different domain, a land of fecund forests and crocodile-infested swamps, abandoned coffee plantations and rugged mountains as famous for their revolutionary folklore as their endemic species.

Havana can be explored in 2-3 days, ideally covering Old Havana, taking a classic car tour, drinking mojitos and learning all about their history from their museums. And you don’t have to break the bank.

For sightseeing, there are so many tourist spots that are actually FREE in Havana (leaving the museums). If you wish to take a classic car ride, you can rent one for 4 – 5 hours, for USD 20!!!

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 10 – 15 per day (Meal in a government-run restaurant)
Accommodation: USD 50 – 100 per night (Mid-range hotel). Check out the rates in Havana.
Transportation: USD 25 per day (Bus travel)
Visa: Anyone who wants to visit Cuba as a tourist and will be traveling via US airport must apply for a USA Tourist Card also known as a pink card. The Tourist Card allows you to enter Cuba for leisure or recreational purposes for up to 30 days. The card solely depends on where you are coming from and not nationality

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Tropical Paradise on the Island of Roatan, Honduras which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Roatan #Honduras #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Tropical Paradise on the Island of Roatan, Honduras

With the second largest barrier reef on the planet, the second largest rainforest in the Americas, 470 miles of Caribbean coastline Honduras is a gorgeous and ecologically diverse nation.

After a decade in which the country spiraled into a whirlwind of terrible violence, Honduras has very definitely begun the journey back from the abyss. While the challenges ahead are still significant and travel here still means bumpy roads with no seatbelts, things haven’t looked this positive for years.

Is it safe to visit Honduras?

It’s important to take care in the cities and the country is certainly not for the fainthearted, but other than that, Honduras is back open for business and just waiting to be discovered.

The recommended advice to those looking to travel Honduras is to stick to tourist-friendly locations like the Bay Islands, Trujillo, La Ceiba, Utila, and a handful of others. To explore the country outside of established “safe” areas, it’s recommended to hire a guide.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 3 – 5 per day (Simple meal)
Accommodation: USD 30 – 35 per night (Double room in a midrange hotel)
Transportation: USD 5 – 10 per day (Bus Trip)
Visa: Lucky for you, Honduras’s visa policy, 84 countries, and jurisdictions are visa-exempt, which means their citizens can enter the country visa-free and stay for up to 90 days. The rest of the world will need to obtain a visa to enter at their nearest Honduras embassy or diplomatic mission. Click here to see if you need a visa.

If you find out that you need a visa to travel to Honduras, you must make inquiries about your nationality’s specific requirements. You may be able to do that online, but we advise you to you call the issuing authority itself since it is always the most reliable source of information. Websites are not always updated, potentially leading to critical mistakes in the application process. Just give the embassy a call or email

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El Salvador

Enjoying Mayan Sunset in El Salvador which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #ElSalvador #Mayan #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Enjoying the Mayan Sunset in El Salvador

El Salvador is a great country to visit when you are on a budget. This tiny country has lots to offer: volcanos, lakes, beaches and Mayan ruins, traditional cities, all waiting to be explored here.

Traveling inside the country is very easy, as there are a lot of local buses that connect the cities. Because the country is so small, the journeys are quite fast as well. The capital, however, does get the rush hour traffic when nothing seems to move, so avoid traveling at those times.

Is El Salvador a poor country?

Food in El Salvador is extremely cheap. Pupusas, the national dish of the country only costs between $0.50 cents and $1. This delicious tortilla filled with cheese, refried beans and many other combinations of ingredients is served with a cabbage slaw and tomato sauce. It’s the perfect food to have when going out, over a glass of local beer.

Hotels in El Salvador are budget-friendly as well, and there are plenty of different ones you can choose from. There are boutique hotels, local B&Bs, even chains such as Barcelo, which you can book for so much less than you would in any other country.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 12 – 20 per meal (for two in a restaurant)
Accommodation: USD 20 – 60 per night (Room with double bed). You can check availability here
Transportation: USD 5 – 10 per trip (Short taxi ride)
Visa: There are 86 countries and jurisdictions whose citizens can enter El Salvador and remain there for up to 90 days. The rest of the nationalities must visit the nearest Salvadorean embassy or diplomatic mission to submit a visa application. One thing that is worth mentioning is that nearly all visitors who arrive in El Salvador must purchase a Tourist Card for 10 USD. Click here to see if you need a visa.

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Moyogalpa Port on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Nicaragua #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Moyogalpa Port on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been nicknamed as the next Costa Rica because of the tourism industry in on the up. Currently, it is one of the cheapest Central American Destinations to visit, so I suggest you visit before the rates go up

Is Nicaragua cheap to visit?

Food and accommodation are comparatively cheap and that is partly due to the political unrest over the years. Nicaragua is a real paradise for backpackers who will have plenty of things to do to keep entertained and who will hardly have to worry about managing their budget. 

This beautiful country is perfect for outdoor lovers – surfing, volcano hiking, and diving. Yet at the same time, you can still enjoy a relaxing holiday in the colonial cities and on the gorgeous beaches.

If you are planning to visit Central America, make sure to add Nicaragua to your bucket list!

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 10 – 12 per meal in a decent local restaurant
Accommodation: USD 20 – 45 per night (Double room in midrange hotel). Book your stay here.
Transportation: USD 2 – 3 per ride (Taxi)
Visa: The citizens of 91 countries and jurisdictions can enter Nicaragua without a visa, and they can stay for up to 90 days. That does not mean you do not have to pay the Tourist Card. It costs $10, and you can get it on arrival. Visas on arrival are also available for the citizens of 73 countries and territories. All the other nationalities must obtain a consular visa at the nearest Nicaraguan diplomatic mission. Click here to see if you need a visa.

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Gothic Church of Las Lajas in Colombia which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #iColombia #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Gothic Church of Las Lajas in Colombia

Emerging from its dark past of drugs and violence, Colombia is fast becoming a popular budget travel destination. It has something for everyone!

With accommodation, transportation, and food being so affordable, you will have room for some occasional splurges – consider booking a luxurious villa for a night or two, you won’t get a deal this great anywhere else in this part of the world!

What is Colombia’s most famous for?

History geeks will love the museums and historical sites in Bogota and the Lost City. Nature lovers can disappear into the Amazon for a few days or weeks (if you get lost – yikes!). Rather stay somewhere more familiar and laidback? Head over to the beaches in Cartegna and make sure you take your snorkeling gear!

Like most countries in South America, Colombia is an absolutely amazing country and a great budget destination too! You get to see the world’s largest palm trees, tropical beaches, charming colonial towns, glorious mountains, ancient cultures and we can go on and on!

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 6 – 9 per meal in a decent local restaurant
Accommodation: USD 25 – 36 per night (Double room in midrange hotel)
Transportation: USD 0.30 – 5 per ride (Bus and Taxi)
Visa: There are many countries whose citizens can enter its territory without a visa for up to 90 days – a little over 100 states and jurisdictions, to be more precise. Also, note that most South American citizens can go to Colombia with just an ID card. And while electronic visas are available, they are not available for all nationalities. Click here to see if you need a visa.

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Did you find Central & Latin America to your liking?

Yes, some of these countries may sound scary because of the news and politics. But don’t let that stop you as they do have safe sections that you can visit on a budget.

Come back after the New Year Celebration for Part 3 of Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Alluring Africa!

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Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Escape to these Top 20 Travel Budget Travel Destinations in 2020. #travelclans #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Escape to these Top 20 Travel Budget Travel Destinations in 2020. #travelclans #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations

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