Best Beach Vacations for Families – Jamaica

Map of Jamaica

The Earth is three parts water and one part land (at least for now), so naturally, there are thousands of beaches to choose from for a memorable vacation with family. Jamaica as a winter sun holiday destination boasts of wide strips of beautiful sandy beaches and one that I fell in love with is Cornwall beach at Montego Bay. This family-friendly beach costs US $5 to access and is absolutely worth it.

Best Beach Vacations for Families – Singapore

Singapore, the next on our list of best beach vacations for families, is one of those far eastern countries that boosts excitement levels whenever you think of going there. Why? Because it?s like this surprise party popper box that has something for everyone. And what better way to chill under the winter sun on a warm sunny beach?

Best Beach Vacations for Families – Krabi, Thailand

Moving towards the Far East reveals more natural wonders, especially beaches which have become a popular winter sun holiday destination among travelers. If you?re planning a beach vacation and are wondering if any undiscovered gems, then Ton Sai beach, Krabi is where you should head to. Not only is this beach less crowded but the backdrop makes an amazing view for pictures and you can gaze at the crystal blue water and relax all day long.