Top 10 Awesome Cities In Belgium To Visit In The Autumn

Top 10 Cities In Belgium To Visit In The Autumn

When you think of Belgium, either the city of Brussels, world-class chocolates or tasty beer comes to mind. But that is not all that Belgium is about. Many people tend to gloss over the country, visiting Brussels or Bruges for a day before moving on but if you take the time, you’ll find that Belgium … Read more

The Ultimate Travel Guide For Malta

Ultimate Travel Guide for Malta

Get the most out of your trip to Malta with my Ultimate Travel Guide! Find out more how Malta packs glorious variety into its small archipelago. You’ll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving and a history of remarkable intensity. Basic Information The island country of Malta is located in the Mediterranean … Read more

Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Exquisite Europe

Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Part Four

So here we are – the part four of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Exquisite Europe! I hope you enjoyed reading my choices for budget travel destinations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. For Europe, I have opted for six destinations spanning from the east to the west of the continent. … Read more

Transylvania – Celebrate Halloween 2019 in Style

Transylvania - Celebrate Halloween in style

Transylvania?s forested valleys and Gothic castles are forever embedded in the popular imagination. Known as the birthplace of Dracula, this region of Romania is famous worldwide for its castles and mystique. And there?s no better place to celebrate Halloween 2019! How did Halloween come about? Contrary to popular belief Halloween did not originate in the … Read more

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