11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Beach Bums for 2019

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to get that shopping list out! Got a beach bum on your holiday gift list? Here my 11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Beach Bums 2019!!!

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11 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Beachbums 
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1. You can’t relax without a Beach Folding Chair!!

What could be a better gift for a beach bum lover than a reclining beach chair? This portable folding backpack chair from Rio Gear features adjustable straps that make it easy to carry. With unlimited reclining positions you can customize it to the level of comfort you desire! It’s made of rust-proof steel and lightweight. It weighs only 9 lbs!!!

2. A Beach Blanket for the family!

This oversize (10″x9″) yet compact mat is ideal for any day at the beach. It’s large enough to fit seven adults or a group of kids!

This beautifully colored blanket is made of durable ripstop nylon. Just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. Not only is this wonderful fabric breathable and light-weight, but watch as water beads up and rolls off. The little water that may stay behind will dry VERY FAST.


3. Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

This is a must-have item for any beach bum. You can’t be a beach bum unless you spend the whole day at the beach! And to do that you need ALL your beach accessories with you. The utility wagon from Mac Sports is ideal for either families or singles.

Weighs only 22.5lbs but hold up to 150lbs means you can bring a lot with you to the beach! It is durable but I wouldn’t suggest putting the kids in it! Also, includes an adjustable handle for effortless transport and 2 Mesh Cup holders to keep your beverages secure! Finally, it folds to 8″ thick and includes a convenient carry case.

4. Wall Decoration that every beach lover should have

The perfect gift for beach bums, lovers and enthusiasts! – That’s all I’m gonna say and that it’s made from MDF and carved to look like real wood!

5. Even Beach Bums like some style!

This Esvan Floral Tote Bag is excellent for the beach!  Made with thick durable unique polyester is lightweight and compact but big enough to hold most of your essentials.

It also doubles up for the gym, sport, yoga, dance, travel, carry-on, luggage, camping, hiking, and more! It really is a fabulous gift idea for everyone!


6. Beach Table

The personal beach table is apt if you want to work on your laptop while you relax at the beach (I know it’s ironic but it happens!) This folding table comes with a carry bag and adjustable legs! The large surface easily keeps food and drinks off the sand!

7. Drink Cup Holder – #BeachLife

Perfect for the beach! It comes with spikes for better stability and a bottle opener. Even though it’s primarily meant for holding your drink, you can use it to hold your phone, snacks, keys and much more.

Each pack of 4 beach cup accessories is Orange & White with the cool printed “Beach Life” slogan. The bright orange color also makes it easy to find in the sand. We all hate losing stuff at the beach, don’t we?

There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that ensures your purchase is protected.

8. Worried about too much sun? Take an umbrella with you!

Sit and enjoy the beach with the MOVTOTOP beach umbrella! It protects you from the elements but won’t restrict your view. The umbrella is also sun-safe, with a UPF 100+ coating that protects you from more than 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

With the adjustable anodized aluminum pole, it can be easily be tilted into position for maximum protection against the moving sun. It comes with a fabric carry bag with a shoulder strap for convenient carrying and storage.

9. No Day at Beach is complete without a Game of Cards

Who doesn’t love a game of UNO? Then take this rugged version of UNO with you to the beach! The cards are made of plastic and are water-resistant so don’t worry about them getting wet or sandy! It also comes with a handy clip that keeps all the cards together and attaches to a beach bag, backpack or camping gear

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10. The Hat that’s gives you the authentic beach bum look!

I know it’s a fishing hat and not really a beach accessory but it’s actually more than a hat! The wide brim and UPF fabric of the Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Hat protect you from the sun. The Omni-Wick band keeps you cool and dry on hot summer days.

Get a customized fit with an adjustable chin strap and toggle at the back. This sun hat features built-in UPF 50, an ultra-sweat-wicking headband, and a mesh vent panel for days on the water – so you can take it with you if you want to just float in the water.

11. Water Shoes that cater to everyone’s taste!

Perfect for children, women, and men! These quick-dry water shoes are made of high-quality rubber with thick foam arch-support inside of them. Flexible yet sturdy enough to protect your feet from stepping on rocks, stones, and jellyfish!

What I like about them is that the toenails are reinforced with special materials to protect your toes and allows you to play freely on the beach and safely.

Hope you found the gift ideas useful. If you did, read my 18 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids for 2019 or 7 of the Best Beach Toys posts as well.

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