How will the Travel & Tourism resume after COVID-19?

How will the Travel & Tourism resume after COVID-19?

With most countries starting to ease their quarantine restrictions, our lives are beginning to go back to normal or at least Coronavirus normal. One restriction that may take time to change is travel. Unfortunately, travel and tourism have become one of the most affected industries by COVID-19. In my previous post I looked at whether … Read more

20 Kid Friendly Things To Do When Quarantined on Vacation

20 kid-friendly things to do when quarantined on vacation

Being quarantined at home with kids is challenging enough but I can only imagine how difficult it is if you were on vacation when the lockdown was enforced. If you are in this unfortunate position, I’ve asked one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole Cline, of NotQuiteSuperMom to help out with some suggestions and she hasn’t disappointed! Here … Read more

Travel Tips to Keep Safe from Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Travel Tips to Keep Safe from the Coronavirus

Looking for travel tips to keep safe from the Coronavirus? My initial tip would be – don’t travel but if that cannot be avoided then here some travel tips to protect yourself. How is Coronavirus spread? Coronavirus also scientifically known as Covid-19 is a fast-moving infection originating in China. It spreads when an infected person … Read more