The Top 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2020

For the last 3 months, I’ve been dreaming of tropical islands specifically The Caribbean Islands with their white sands and clear blue waters! Lounging on the beach, sipping some exotic drink or two while watching the sunset over the horizon. Sigh! Island destinations are those peaceful escape where the days drift by and the problems … Read more

Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – The Americas

Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Part Two

Still, looking for a budget travel destination? If part one didn’t get your travel mojo moving, then hopefully Glamorous Central & Latin America will! There are plenty of budget travel destinations where you can get a lot more for your money! And these incredible countries offer not just great value but also unforgettable sights and … Read more

Budget Travel Destination – Cuba for Families

Budget Travel Destination - Cuba

If you are looking for a Budget Travel Destination, look no further than Cuba. This Caribbean island where time stood still, speaks to the imagination. For such a small island, it offers a variety of activities and landscapes. Compared to the other Caribbean Islands like St. Lucia, it is pretty affordable, yet more expensive than Mexico or … Read more

Where is the Best Snorkeling in the World, you ask?

Maui, Hawaii

Want to jump into warm waters and enter into a spectacular underwater world? Get dazzled by immaculate reefs, tropical fish and a variety of other marine life? Wondering where the best snorkeling in the world is? Well, here is my list of 10 best places to snorkel in the world.

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