5 of The Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Portland, Maine

5 Best Kid Friendly Hotels in Portland, Maine

When the name of Portland is mentioned, many think of the city in Oregon and not Maine‚Äôs largest city. Set on a peninsula, Portland has always been a city of the sea. With a mixture of artistic and outdoor adventures, the latest tech, fashion, and culinary scene, you can experience the present with a very … Read more

33 Wonderful East Coast Staycation Ideas for Families

East Coast Staycation Ideas for Families

Are you looking for some staycation ideas on the East Coast? Is work commitments, lack of funds, or a pandemic putting a damper on your summer holiday plans? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these 33 creative, budget-friendly family staycation ideas. Social distancing options included. Click the link to go directly to that section … Read more

Top 10 Best East Coast Family Vacation Destinations

I believe the East Coast of the United States unlike the West Coast, has a lot more to offer. From museums in Washington DC to the amusement parks in Florida, its rich history, culture, and traditions make it a perfect family vacation destination. These 10 East Coast family vacation destinations can provide hidden gems, as … Read more