6 Underrated Destinations Around the World You Mustn’t Miss![Part 2]

6 Underrated Destinations Around the World Part 2

Guest writer Kez Williams talks about experience in these 6 underrated destinations around the world and why we shouldn’t miss it. Go here for part 1. Why I Created This List of Underrated Destinations Around the World Firstly, I wanted everyone to know that there are amazing places out there under the tourist radar that … Read more

24 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations – Part 1

Best Christmas Vacation Destinations

It’s December and that means only one thing – Christmas is around the corner! woohoo! To celebrate the festive season here are 24 of the best Christmas vacation destinations you should consider visiting. 24. Santiago, Chile Since the arrival of the Spanish, Chile has been predominantly Catholic, so Christmas is celebrated by the majority of … Read more