7 Effective Ways How to Save Money To Fund Your Next Vacation [A Step by Step Guide]

“I want to go on a luxurious holiday but I can’t afford it.” How often have you said it yourself? If you are like me, plenty of times. Vacations are great — they are fun, relaxing, and memorable. However, repeatedly our vacations are decided by our budget rather than our desires.  That was my situation till I … Read more

Travel Tips to Keep Safe from Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Travel Tips to Keep Safe from the Coronavirus

Looking for travel tips to keep safe from the Coronavirus? My initial tip would be – don’t travel but if that cannot be avoided then here some travel tips to protect yourself. How is Coronavirus spread? Coronavirus also scientifically known as Covid-19 is a fast-moving infection originating in China. It spreads when an infected person … Read more