Top 10 Things do in Dubai this Winter

9. Go Green

The Green Planet 

The region?s first bio-dome that recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The unique venue has 4 levels of interaction for visitors with fascinating animal and plant species to see from Sloths, Tucan’s and Tree porcupines to South American plants, vines, reptiles, fish and insects. A great destination for families and guests of all ages.

The Canopy - Winter Holiday in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
The Canopy

It is open from 10 am – 7 pm Sunday to Wednesday and 10 am – 8 pm Thursday to Saturday.

A day ticket bought at the door is USD 27 however if you buy it online you can get it for USD 24. With this ticket, you get full access to the Flooded Rain-forest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story and The Canopy of the Green Planet Dubai.

The last ticket is sold 1 hour before the closing time. 

Dubai Miracle Garden

Every year from mid-November to mid-May, a 72,000 sqm space full of scents and colors comes to life. Seeing this garden in full bloom with its 150 million flowers arranged in colorful arches and patterns, and the myriad shapes they form, is truly magnificent.

Dubai Miracle Garden?s breathtaking landscaping has earned two Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 2013 and the world?s largest floral sculpture forming the shape of an Airbus A380 in 2016. Each year Dubai Miracle Garden reinvents itself, bringing a whole new concept and design experience to its visitors

Dubai Miracle Garden - things to do in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
Dubai Miracle Garden

Park Hours are from 9 am-9 pm Sunday to Thursday and 9 am-11 pm, every weekend (Friday and Saturday) 

SINGLE ENTRY & Regular Admission: 
Adult (12 years old above): USD 14 
Children (12 years old and below) USD 11 
Disabled and 2years old and below: Free of Charge

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is also home to the Dubai Butterfly Park. This is the world?s largest and region?s butterfly garden (another world record) featuring 15,000 butterflies of around 26 kinds! Dubai Butterfly Garden is an indoor garden that has ten domes that are sure to win your heart.

The destination gives you the opportunity to see beautiful butterflies and gives you an insight into their world. Here you will understand how butterflies evolve through each stage and so is a good learning opportunity for everyone. There are assistants to help you interact with the Butterflies and take fantastic Instagram pictures with the butterflies. 

Butterfly Garden -Winter Holiday in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
Butterfly Garden

Park Timings is 9 am – 6 pm all seven days.

There are separate entrances and tickets for Dubai Butterfly Garden. 
Adults and Children (3 years and above): USD 15 
Disabled and 2years old and below: Free of Charge

10. Beaches

The Beach at JBR

The Beach has it all, from sun, sand and, sea to shopping and dining, a cinema, water sports, kids’ and adults’ play areas (true story), a gym and more.

At The Beach, a feast is served from dishes inspired by the Mughal Empire to soul-warming fare from North African, family-friendly Chinese eats to gourmet food dished up by the world?s renowned Michelin-starred chefs. Then there?s authentic gelato, enormous burgers, all-day breakfasts, and fresh seafood sourced from the Arabian Sea. You’re going to want to take photos

The Beach at JBR - things to do in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
The Beach at JBR

The Flying Cup

The Flying Cup is the family-friendly Flying Cup Dubai raises you to the height of a 12-story building, offering magnificent panoramic views of The Beach, JBR, Ain Dubai and Palm Jumeirah. The safe, rotating platform gives you the chance to not only capture fabulous selfies with the unique backdrops in town but also sip on a refreshing drink while you enjoy one of Dubai’s most multi-sensorial experiences.

Kids over the age of four and measuring more than 105cm in height are welcome aboard. Flying Cup is open daily from 10 am, with tickets starting at USD 17 for kids and USD 22 for adults, including a refreshment. Buy your tickets online or directly at the ticket booth at The Beach. 

Sea Breeze

At Sea Breeze, you will always find something that will entertain and enthrall you. If adrenaline is your thing, dive headfirst into over 20 heart-pumping activities, including motorized water sports, from jet skis to flyboarding to the epic Seabreacher. If you need a little ?me-time? or just want to unwind with friends while working on your tan, you can also kick back and relax on anything and everything from sun loungers, cabanas, day beds, umbrellas, and towels.  

Here are more details on the price list. 

Zing Sports

Zing Sports @ The Beach has brought a new revolutionary sport that combines a pool with football. Snookball!?Ever thought of playing pool on a giant pool table of 7 x 4 meters? It is fun and exciting because you get to kick the soccer balls into pockets on a giant-sized pool table, without the need of a cue stick.

The prices for Singles (2 Players) game is USD 14 per game and for Doubles (4 Players) is USD 22 per game. The maximum allowed time is 15 minutes per game which may feel the game is over-priced and that is only because you were having so much fun!

Footbowling & Footgolf

Are you a striker or great in aiming? An awesome challenge for all! Strike down all the pins or pocket the ball! This will cost USD 4 for 2 shots.

The games are open from 10 am till 11 pm every day.

A favorite spot for my kids is the Splash Pad which features a giant tipper bucket, water squirters, climbing frames and more. Because it is overseen by fully trained staff who are always on hand to make sure the little ones are engaged and entertained, as a parent you really can sit back and relax. Prices: Per hour USD 18, Per two hours USD 22 or for a full day USD 27 which is valid for a full 24 hours from the time of entry and that means you can leave for lunch and come back once your done eating or shopping.

La Mer

Need a break? Come to La Mer. Head to the beach and chill on a daybed or rent a family-sized cabana. Peckish? Pick up gourmet gelato, salad, pizza or any other fine fare you fancy. Visiting La Mer gives you an experience of a lush staycation. You can take in views of the Arabian Gulf, sun yourself while your little ones play, enjoy a dip in the sea, or try paddleboarding, surfing or other water sports. There is just so much to do! Did I mention there is a water park as well – Laguna Waterpark

La Mer Beach - Winter Holiday in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
La Mer Beach

Kite Beach

Kite Beach features open stretches of soft white sand, vibrant sights, sounds, fitness areas, a beach library, and kids’ activities. This beach is the ultimate outdoor location.

Open from 10 am – 10 pm Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and, Saturday it is open till 12 midnight! Compared to the other two beaches it is more laid back and quiet. A great place to take in a beautiful sunset or meditate. 

Kite Beach - things to do in Dubai. #travelclans #ThingsToDo #Dubai
Kite Beach

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  1. I think I found my next road trip!
    Those aerial tours sound like so much fun to go on! 
    And I just know the missus would love to see the aquarium.
    We’ve been to one before but not as underwater as this one seems to be.
    And you know there’s no way on earth anyone is going to pass up hanging out with a dolphin!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW!  Dubai looks amaaaaazing! 

    I have heard a lot about it but only as a place where there are a lot of restrictions!

    I would LOOOOve to visit some of these places. The indoor ski slop would blow my mind especially as it is so hot there! Crazy!I wonder how much of that is solar powered?Even Better!

    And those  gardens look incredible. I can see my family really enjoying a trip there!!

    Have you any suggestions where to stay? Think I would prefer a resort to an Airbnb setup.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for the love! I am currently working on a review of a few hotels/resorts in Dubai and should be posted soon. Why dont you sign up for my newsletter and when its ready, you will get notified. By signing up, you also get a free ultimate vacation packing checklist – comes in handy whenever you are traveling.

      In the meantime, why dont you consider Lapita Hotel Dubai – its situated right inside Dubai Parks & Resort. Its a fantastic place!

  3. Thanks for such a comprehensive guide on Dubai! 

    I have not been there before, but looking at your post make me feel like i am going to set it as my next vacation destination. All the photos look stunning and I can’t believe that I haven’t considered visiting Dubai before.

    I enjoy night scenery and you really got me at the Global Village. Yea I know it is kind of weird but I am more attracted with the night lights than the dining and entertainment 😀

    Surely the theme park is huge! I have never seen 3 theme Parks with 1 water park together at a place! 

    I really wish I am there now, thanks for your great recommendation!

  4. I have been hearing and reading a lot on Dubai ,how captivating the place is but this post really convinced me and I think I will visit Dubai on my vacation . My family will be very happy to visit such a wonderful place like this . I myself can’t wait to explore all these beautiful places you listed.

  5. Dubai looks like a totally awesome place to explore. But I can’t believe that it costs so much to get into the Burj Khalifa! 54 dollars is a lot for a budget traveler like me. I think it would be totally awesome to be able to say that I’ve been to the tallest building in the world but I don’t think I could swing it for that price.

    After reading your article, it seems like Dubai might just be an expensive place in general. Is this true? Or are there things that you can do for a much lower cost? I would love to come visit but I just don’t have a ton of cash to spend.

    • Hi Mariah,

      Dubai has a high standard of living hence things tend to be on the higher side. Even though the cost to go up the Burj Khalifa is $54, its always full and the queue is never ending, so there are people willing to pay it. But I can tell you its worth every cent!

      I mentioned things you can do for a lower cost such as Global Village, Dubai Miracle & Butterfly Gardens and the water parks!

  6. Dubai is a place I would definitely like to visit one day. I have heard so much about life in Dubai that I have decided it is one of those places that I am definitely going to visit. From the top 10 things to do in Dubai that you have listed, I think my favorite is the Dubai aquarium tunnel.

    God, it is looking so good. How can a place have these sought of awesome places. In fact, I think I am going to do everything you listed on this your list because they are all so amazing. You leave in an awesome place that a lot of people would really love to have an experience of.

    • Hi Jay,

      Yeah, Dubai is really heaven on earth between Oct & March…the weather is great and there are so many things for you and kids to do. Nothing less than a 2-week stay is required to actually experience the city.

  7. Nice Dubai in pill. It is one of the strangest city I ever saw in my life. From one side we have a modern approach, luxury cars, skyscrapers. On the other hand, we can find incredibly poor people who are working almost all day. It is something impossible to forget. Btw. What do you think, is it better to live around Dubai Marina or Deira? As a tourist of course. 

    • Hi Igor,

      if you want to see old dubai its deira but if you like the modern fancy stuff its Dubai marina. ATM deira is under alot of renovation so i would suggest Dubai Marina. You can always take the metro to old dubai if you want to visit it for a few hours.

      Have you been to dubai before?

  8. Dubai has always been on the list of most travelers and tourist since it’s emergence as a tourist destination in the mid nineties.  Millions travel every year and visit these locations mentioned in your article. The fun and excitement never ends in Dubai,  the views are breath taking, hostels and accommodation excellent, environment clean and shiny. If you haven’t been to Dubai before now I recommend you give it a shot it would be worth your time and money.

  9. I do live in Dubai also and I will agree with those are best places to visit and enjoy the uniqueness of the Arabian world it always good  enjoy the best as you can for the adventures here are endless and so I agree Dubai is one place you can have fun than you might have imagined.

  10. Many people I know have visited Dubai and had many great experiences. I am thinking of going one day and this article is ideal for looking for things to do while on holiday there. 

    I’m particularly interested in the Aquarium tank and walking through the Dubai Aquarium Tunnel. 

    I’m also a big fan of water parks so the aqua park is a must! 

    Brilliant article. 

    • Hi Darren,

      My kids love the aquarium visits. We go often and their favorite bit is the tunnel walk. 

      with the water parks, you are guaranteed a blast and it doesn’t matter which one. They all are good.

      hope you signed up for the newsletter to get a free printable packing checklist?


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