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Who or what is Wealthy Affiliate you ask?

Let’s start with the basics – If you have read my Affiliate Disclosure page, you would know that I have partnered with certain affiliate programs which means if you click the links and purchase something, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps fund my blogging.

I wanted to replace the income from my current job with an income that can be generated from anywhere in the world. Affiliate marketing gives me this possibility and at the same time lets me work in an industry my previous experience didn’t allow.

From all my research online about what is affiliate marketing to how to generate income from it, Wealthy Affiliate got the best reviews in terms for support for new bloggers like me (content writing), to help set up the website, google analytics and all the technical stuff. As a member, you get training in setting up the website, writing content, adding images, using SEO effectively and much more. The community members are very helpful to newbies and in addition, there are numerous training videos and articles that will help.

WA provides a 7 day “try before you buy” option which I did. In those 7 days, I went through everything I could. Within a day, I had chosen my topic or niche (this website after 2-3 attempts), built and set-up my website and understood how to SEO and keywords worked. By the 5th day, I had a few posts (weren’t my best work) ready to be published and I wanted all in.

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The way WA and the community support new members is unbelievable. Building your brand, writing quality content, creating a social media presence all take time and effort and the returns isn’t an overnight thing. It takes 6-12 months before you see results and the only way to stick to it is to keep at it. And, that’s where WA community come in – they motivate you and keep you going, they support and provide advice based on their own experience which is vital.

It hasn’t been plain sailing from day 7. I quit after a few months but not because WA let me down but rather outside distractions that made me lose focus. Luckily when I came back, the slider on the training programs showed me where I had stopped and could just pick up from there. However, I did go back and do a revision of the earlier modules. It is so easy to see where you are in either Bootcamp or the Certification course. Courses are laid out so that you start at the beginning of setting up your website, and progress through learning about leveraging social media, and then how to monetize your site.

If you are like me and want to become a blogger or get into affiliate marketing, I recommend WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options
Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Going from free to $49 a month for premium membership is reasonable and if you do sign up with the Premium plan within the first 7 days of your starter membership there is a first-month discount! Only $19 for the first month. That is an excellent price for the education that you will get from WA. You can learn a lot in that first month.

I have been at this for a few months consistently now and I already see the benefit of taking the premium membership.

Join the starter membership today for $0. Come in and have a look around. If you are seriously thinking of becoming an online entrepreneur, then consider Wealthy Affiliate as your go-to all-in-one university and hosting site.

There is no guarantee that you will earn money with any affiliate marketing school/university/program. Anyone who says otherwise is misrepresenting what these programs can do. It is an education and what you do with your education is entirely up to you. Your hard work, determination, and belief in your own success are what decides if you succeed or fail at business.

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