Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Cuba

Don’t fancy the chill of winter? Are you looking for an affordable winter sun holiday? Then Cuba is made for you. There’s rarely been a better time to visit this island nation. A lot of people forget that Cuba is much more than just beaches.

Cuba is culture, nature, history, magic, and traditions all rolled into one. A result of the blend of multiple cultures, a fusion of races and customs that gave birth to one of the most unique and fascinating Caribbean destinations.

Winter is Coming!

Between November and April is the dry season and the best time to visit. Winter temperatures in the Caribbean are reliably around 26 to 27?C and there?s plenty of sunshine. The average temperature is 21 ?C (69.8 ?F) in January.

Money Matters

There are two currencies circulating in Cuba, Cuban Pesos (CUP) and Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC).

CUC (pronounced kook) is the currency most tourists will use in Cuba. CUC is accepted at hotels, official taxis, entry into museums, meals at restaurants, etc.

CUP are also known as local pesos and are referred to as “Moneda Nacional” (National currency). There is a limited range of goods that can be bought using local pesos and are found in agricultural markets or from street vendors.

Daily costs can range from CUC $70 up to CUC $140. Hotels rooms rates begin at CUC $25-35 per night for a Casas Particulare while a resort or historic hotel will be CUC $200-300. However, prices are at their highest around Christmas and New Year.

In Cuba, you can use some credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Access, Eurocard) but I recommend always carrying cash.

Tipping in Cuba is important. Since most Cubans earn their money in CUP leaving a small tip of CUC$1 (MN$25) or more can make a huge difference.

Lodgings? Take your pick!

Cuba has a wide hotel network ranging from luxury resorts to 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. From bungalows and villas to aparthotels and hostels. From tourist communities to private houses for the accommodation of visitors. So it is quite easy to find a place according to your budget.

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Children in Cuba are often well accommodated due to the family-oriented nature of the community. Few eating establishments turn away children, however, servers in most cafes and restaurants will very often play with your kids and may go out of their way to try to accommodate their tastes.

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Local Transportation

Cuba?s road infrastructure and transportation system link all parts of the country with the bus service being the most used.

Bus – The state-run Vazul network links most places of interest to tourists on a regular daily schedule. Be advised that local buses tend to be crowded and have no printed schedules. (Best of luck getting the bus you want)

Car – Rental cars are quite expensive, and driving can be a challenge due to the lack of signposts and ambiguous road rules. If you wish to rent a car, you will need a valid international driving license and passport.

Taxi – There is a good (with reasonable prices) taxi service in all major cities and tourist regions, and you can rent cars and minibusses at most hotels and agencies in all cities and tourist areas.

Train – Despite its large train network, Cuban trains are slow, unreliable and lacking in comfort.

Top Things to do in Cuba

Cubans love children and invariably children love Cuba back. There’s something wonderfully old-fashioned about kids’ entertainment here, which is less about sophisticated computer games and more about messing around in the plaza with an improvised baseball bat and a rolled-up ball of plastic.

The Best Regions for Children


The streets of Habana Vieja have not changed much since the days of the Pirates of the Caribbean. So your kids’ imaginations will be allowed to run wild in forts, squares, museums, and narrow streets.

Along with Cuba’s largest amusement park (Isla del Coco), and its best aquarium (Acuario Nacional), Havana has the Parque Maestranza (Bouncy castles, fairground rides and sweet snacks overlooking Havana Harbor) and Parque Lenin (A more ‘rustic’ playground rides, boats, a mini-rain and horses for rent)


Cuba’s biggest resort has the largest stash of specifically tailored kids’ activities, including night time shows, organized sports, beach games and boat trips.


The south coast’s southern gem is awash with economic Casas Particulares, an ideal opportunity for your kids to mix and mingle with Cuban families. Throw in an excellent beach (Playa Ancn), easily accessible snorkeling waters, and a profusion of pleasant pastoral activities (horseback riding is popular) and you’ve got the perfect non-resort family option.

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Winter Holiday Beach Vacation

Your trip to Cuba will be characterized by its people who are imaginative, joyful, unprejudiced, and are friends of joking and celebrating. When there make sure you do not miss the carnivals, the countryside parties, and the patron saint’s days.

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7 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Cuba”

  1. Hmm… Cuban fusion of races and customs appears fascinating. I like the blend of multiple cultures and surely this could be the cheap winter sun holiday if I ever had a travel on my chart.

    I like how you have rolled out the lodging and transportation scenarios and the information favoring the children could be the first hook no parents can defy.

    That was a good read and thanks for sharing the information.

    All the best.

  2. Cuba seems like a great place to get away! I never consider Cuba, now it is been considered. Great info on tipping to them and bringing cash. Is it a peaceful place or it is a busy place like Vietnam? I have a one year old and i think Havana is a must go! 

  3. I really thank you a lot travel-clans  for these amazing tourist expositions..honestly, I always think think that Cuba is all about beaches because for so many years, that is the only revelation I always gathered about it but now I can see that it is more than that, the tradition and magic funs is something catchy..I always love a place engrafted with colourful history like Cuba.Honestly, my family next vacation plans should be centered on this amazing place..Weldone travel – clans, you have done a great

  4. Wow didn’t know that they are 2 different currencies in Cuba to be aware of. What’s the currency change like between CUC and CUP? Where I come from, tipping isn’t part of our culture so I’m pretty new at the whole tipping thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but if I’m not mistaken, if we don’t tip when we dine at a restaurant, it’s considered very rude for most countries right?

    • Hi Riaz,

      1CUC = 25 CUP however not that there is a limited range of goods that can be bought using local pesos and are found in agricultural markets or from street vendors.

  5. Hi Tarun, I enjoyed your post so much. Friends of mine visited Cuba and couldn’t stop singing its praises. They loved every moment of their stay there and said they will definitely be going back again.

    It is lovely to see the unspoiled nature of the Country, the older buildings not pulled down just for the sake of it.

    How good that it is so child friendly too. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit.


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