Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is one of Malaysia’s most admired attractions and a wonderful winter sun holiday destination for folks looking for a comforting retreat surrounded by tropical goodness. 

Winter is coming!

Although the weather in Langkawi is hot and humid throughout most months, from December till April is ideal for holidays as there’s a mix of sunshine and slight rainfall. The temperature falls to almost 30’c to 35’c during the day and 28’c to 29’c at night.

Money Matters

The Malaysian currency is known as Ringgit and residents and non-residents are allowed to bring in and leave the country with Ringgits equivalent to US $10,000. Most preferred foreign currency is the British Pound Sterling but US Dollars are also widely accepted.

For $15 a day you can get:

  • A meal at an inexpensive restaurant for $4
  • Meal at a fast-food restaurant for $4
  • Taxi start (normal tariff) $1


A stay closed to the beach only doubles the excitement. For a family of four, my recommended picks are Langkawi Seaview Hotel at $102 per night for a family room, Best Star Resort at $61 per night for a family room and The Frangipani Langkawi Resort and Spa for $285 per night for a family room.

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Local Transportation

Langkawi is a small island spread on about 320 sq/km but you?ll still need proper transport to move around.

  • Taxis are widely available throughout the island and a 15-minute ride can cost around $5
  • If you?re comfortable with a left hand drive you can rent a car on a per day basis starting the $22 during high season.
  • Scooters or motorbikes can be rented for $6 to $10 per day.
  • Bicycles are also available for rent for $4 per day.

Top things to do in Langkawi

Langkawi Sky Cab

Langkawi Sky Cab

If you and the kids are not scared of heights then don’t miss the Langkawi Sky Cab which is a 15-20 minute family-friendly cable car service giving you a panoramic view of the surrounding natural scenic beauty. Tickets cost around $13.50 for adults and  $10 for kids.

At the base of the Sky Cab is an outdoor shopping complex Oriental Village that offers great shopping, dining options, and entertainment. Stroll around in a Zorb (inflatable ball) or let the kids enjoy a quick zip line over the lake. You can spend an entire day here.

3D Art Museum

Art in Paradise, within the Oriental Village, is Malaysia’s largest 3D art museum with over 100 3D paintings that call for some fun photos, especially for the kids.

Tanjung Rhu beach
  • Take some time to relax and let the kids have fun building sandcastles on Tanjung Rhu beach, which is a family favorite and not very crowded.
  • Underwater World is Langkawi’s very own aquarium consisting of a 15-meter walk through an underwater tunnel. Witness several species of fish as well as penguins. Don’t forget to take pictures.
  • Take a mangrove tour around the island and explore lush sites, go through the crocodile and bat cave (safe) and you might even come across some monkeys hopping around. A tour will cost anywhere around $44 to $49 per person.

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  • Duty-free shopping at Teow Soon Huat can save you big bucks as the complex consists of 60 outlets, 12 eateries as well as a supermarket. Also, with discounts of up to 70%, it’ll be quite a task to hold back the ladies. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Held every Thursday is the Temoyong night market. Grab a snack and shop around the bazaar for clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories, etc at wowing prices.
  • For a good bite checkout Alhumdullilah restaurant for Mediterranean, Arabic, and vegan food options and for some authentic Indian cuisine head to Indian Palace restaurant or The Gulai House.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.

There will be a lot to take back from Langkawi excluding the huge shopping bags and heaps of photos. You might want to plan a trip back someday because this place has that attractive vibe. 

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5 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Langkawi, Malaysia”

  1. nice job! Now I definitely want to go here! Me and a friend of mind we’re just talking about the next trip we want to go on this year we don’t like the cold weather even though it has its ups and downs and beauty of it it’s just not for me. So we like to move other places until we are warmer here I wonder if there’s any discounts here 

  2. I must say that I did not know all those things when it comes to Malaysia. What I like the most is that climate, I enjoy in sun and honestly, hate winter. It is really not expensive at all and I would like to go on Langkawi Sky Cab but I don’t know how safe is it? definitely will talk about this with my wife.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I can understand you concern but if it wasn’t safe tourist wouldn’t visit and bloggers wouldnt talk about it. 🙂

      Malaysia is one of the most advanced countries in Asia and quality of life and things in general is very high on their list of priorities – so dont worry about the safety – just worry about your taking your wife there for a holiday 🙂 

  3. Hi 

    I’ve always wanted to go to Malaysia because I’m always hearing nothing but great things about it.

    In the article you don’t mention anything about staying in an AirBnB. Do you know if they’re cheap there or maybe not even worth staying in?

    Hopefully I can visit Malaysia soon because I need a holiday lol


    • Hi Louis,

      I am not a fan of AirBnB (the idea not the service). For me a holiday isn’t complete unless you stay in a hotel. Staying is someone’s house or apt is like crashing over at a friend’s or house sitting and paying the owner to do that! 

      If you on a holiday you want to be pampered and hotels do that for you – clean sheets and tidy rooms daily, fancy food you dont have to cook. spoilt to the core – thats the way i like my holiday to be!


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