6 Underrated Destinations Around the World You Mustn’t Miss! [Part 1]

While travel is on hold for a lot of people at the moment, many are busy planning their next escape for when we can move around freely again. You can bet that there is going to be a huge rush of tourists to popular destinations once restrictions are lifted. Do you want to be stuck in those crowds? If you answered, “NO!”, then I’ve got a list of amazing and ridiculously underrated destinations around the world for you!

Why I Created This List of Underrated Destinations Around the World

Firstly, I wanted everyone to know that there are amazing places out there under the tourist radar that are definitely worth visiting. The advantages of a place being a little less popular often include no crowds and less money needed. That means less stress for you and a happier bank account. 

I have chosen at least one charming country from each inhabited continental region. I wanted to make sure that there’s something for everyone, even if you can’t travel far. All our destinations are budget-friendly too!

Underrated Destinations Around the World - Oceania

So you’ve probably heard of Australia and New Zealand, right? You’ve possibly even heard of Fiji and French Polynesia. But have you heard of the Solomon Islands? – they’ve managed to stay COVID-19 free. They are about a two and a half hour flight from Brisbane in Eastern Australia or a three and a half hour flight from Auckland in Northern New Zealand. They are also amazing for many reasons.

Beautiful scenery, people and culture

As you would expect from a nation of over 900 islands, there is some breathtaking scenery. From deserted islands and beaches to waterfalls, forest hikes, and impressive shipwrecks hidden under the sea. What is even more enticing is that Solomon Islanders are among the most caring people you’ll find on this earth.

In a world that seems to be going the opposite way, they have remembered the art of being kind and helpful to their fellow humans. This is encapsulated in their Melanesian culture, or Kastom. Which they are more than willing to share with you. You will see it practiced every day with Solomons smiles and kindness. Just try to walk down the street in the Solomon Islands without someone enquiring about your wellbeing. It’s impossible!

The Solomon Islands

A Part of History

Perhaps you have heard of the Battle of Guadalcanal? It was a pivotal moment in WWII that took place on the main island of the Solomon Islands. This alone may be enough reason for history buffs to visit. There is an immaculately tended peace memorial on the top of a hill in Honiara, the country’s capital.

Speaking to the caretaker there will show you just how much this memorial means to the Solomon Islanders. He is very willing to share his thoughts.

What are you waiting for? Start getting inspiration for your trip at Visit Solomons.

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Underrated Destinations Around the World - Central Asia

Where in the world can you hike a snowy mountain back to back with a desert-like canyon? In the expansive Central Asia country of Kazakhstan! It’s around a five-hour flight from Dubai, an eight-hour flight from the United Kingdom, or 16 hours with a stopover from the United States. While It may not be the easiest or cheapest place to get to, it is most definitely worth visiting.

Scenically and ethnically divers

There are honestly no words that can adequately describe the scenic visual feast that is Kazakhstan. It really does have it all! There are amazing inland lakes, including some mystical ones with forests in them. Yes, in them, as well as around them!

There are also snow-tipped mountains all year round. As well as desert-like canyons with rivers at the end. Kazakhstan will have you in awe.

The Mountains of Kazakhstan

Kazakhs are just as diverse and beautiful as the scenery of their land. ‘Stan’ means ‘Land of’, so Kazakhstan is the ‘Land of the Kazakhs’. Kazakhs normally speak their language and Russian fluently. Even if they don’t speak English, they will still do their best to help you in any way the can. 

They are warm and generous people that will give you a local snack while you’re waiting for your purchase to be completed in their store. Or call their friend that speaks your language to help you converse.

An Interesting History

In the scheme of things, Kazakhstan is a relatively young state. They were a part of the old Soviet Bloc until 1991, so any Kazakhs above the age of 40 remember growing up in a different country. They’ll have many stories to tell you. There are also many historical buildings from the Soviet Era dotted throughout Kazakhstan, where you can immerse yourself in yesteryear.

Unfortunately, all I can offer is descriptions and pictures, but Kazakhstan is a place that you really should experience for yourself one day! Start researching here.

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Underrated Destinations Around the World - South East Asia

We’re all aware of the islands of Thailand and Malaysia. You may even be aware of some Indonesian Islands like Bali, Sumatra, and Komodo. Just a two-hour flight from the popular island of Bali, or a three-hour flight from Jakarta, is the Indonesian side of Timor, known as West Timor.

Off the Radar and Scenically Raw

West Timor is almost untouched by tourism. This great for a few reasons. Firstly, you can have a very local experience. As locals don’t see tourists that much, they may view you as a bit of an oddity and be very curious about you. Secondly, there are no inflated ‘tourist’ prices and all attractions are free! Yes, free!

Huts in West Timor

The island is full of surprises. With awesome underground lakes in hidden caves. Cute little waterfalls, Misty mountain hikes, Coconuts! And amazing sunsets over the sea.

These are just a few of the free things available in West Timor. You can also eat like royalty on the island without spending a fortune. Which is amazing for your wallet. 

Check out more of what West Timor has to offer here.

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