6 Underrated Destinations Around the World You Mustn’t Miss![Part 2]

Guest writer Kez Williams talks about experience in these 6 underrated destinations around the world and why we shouldn’t miss it. Go here for part 1.

Why I Created This List of Underrated Destinations Around the World

Firstly, I wanted everyone to know that there are amazing places out there under the tourist radar that are definitely worth visiting. The advantages of a place being a little less popular often include no crowds and less money needed. That means less stress for you and a happier bank account. 

I have chosen at least one charming country from each inhabited continental region. I wanted to make sure that there’s something for everyone, even if you can’t travel far. All our destinations are budget-friendly too!

Underrated Destinations Around the World - Europe

When someone says Europe, I’m sure most people would think of France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Spain straight away. While these are all lovely places, there are so many hidden European gems that barely register on most people’s radars. Like the Baltic States. Just £25 and three hours is all it takes to get to the amazing Baltic state of Estonia from the United Kingdom

Social and Picturesque

There is an amazing amount of green spaces throughout Estonia. Surprisingly, many of them can be found within the capital city. To make them more enticing, a lot of them have direct links to historical events or are home to historical buildings.

Perhaps one of the best things about Estonia is that people are super friendly and always willing to help someone out. English is also widely spoken, so there will be almost no language issues when traveling through Estonia.

Medieval Town of Estonia

Historic Yet Hip

Like Kazakhstan, Estonia was part of the old Soviet Bloc. Unlike Kazakhstan, Estonia became independent in 1990. Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, has one of the most well-preserved old towns in Europe. Stepping into it is truly like stepping into another time.

A short walk from the old town brings you back to modern Tallinn, where the hipsters have taken over with art, cafes, and bakeries. And the internet. Estonia is said to be the most advanced digital society in the world, with 99% of its state services online. In fact, they refer to themselves as e-Estonia.

If you’re looking for greenery, history, and a laid back way of living, Estonia is the place for you!

Get some inspiration for your trip to Estonia today with Visit Estonia.

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Underrated Destinations Around the World - Africa

Just south of one of Africa’s most well-known tourist draws, Morocco, is a country most have never heard of. Or even worse, is confused with another African country with a similar name. It is, of course, the Saharan desert country of Mauritania, not the island country of Mauritius. 

I’ve included Mauritania because it’s a friendly and welcoming country that does things a little bit differently.

A Distinctive Kind of Beauty

Obviously, like a Saharan country, things like lakes and waterfalls are rare in Mauritania. But there are still a huge amount of things to see and do! Where the desert meets the sea there’s a booming fisheries industry. Watching the fishing boats going out to fish and returning with their hauls is quite a sight to behold.

Still, on the coast, the Bay of Nouadhibou is home to an eerily beautiful Ship Graveyard. A monument to the endemic corruption of Mauritania’s past. Mauritania is also home to one of the longest freight trains. It’s almost two kilometers long! It runs to the iron ore mines of Zouerat from the coastal town of Nouadhibou. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could stow away on it with the locals!


A little further inland, you’ll find a mysterious eroded geological dome known as the Eye of Africa hiding in the shifting desert sands. You also might get a glimpse of some semi-nomadic Berber tribes. No matter where you end up in Mauritania, you can guarantee that locals will try to help you in any way they can. That usually involves offering you a place to rest and tea 

The Land of Strong Tea

Perhaps the most endearing thing about Mauritania is it’s Tea Culture. Most social interactions revolve around tea between all of the previously nomadic ethnic groups that make up Mauritania’s population. If you talk to someone for more than a few minutes, they will invite you for tea.

Mauritanian tea is strong and is infused with mint. There’s a process for getting the taste just right and it’s fascinating to watch.

Check out the Mauritanian Ministry of Tourism site to find out more.

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Underrated Destinations Around the World - South America

Everyone knows Colombia and Peru, possibly two of the most popular South American destinations. But in between them is a wonderful Andean country, that is often overlooked; Ecuador. If you’ve met anyone that’s been to Ecuador, they’ll probably tell you that it was a little surprise package and well worth a visit.

Scenes and Socialness

Firstly, it has islands with turtles. Those islands, the Galápagos Islands, are also home to some of the most unique flora and fauna on the earth. They are even said to have inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. 

Secondly, it is at the center of the world. Ecuador is actually the Spanish word for the equator! You can visit Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) from the country’s capital Quito. 

Thirdly, the Andes Mountain Range runs right through it!

Llamas and Ecuador

As if I hadn’t given you enough reason to visit Ecuador yet, the people are amazingly chill and helpful. They’re not likely to speak English, but they will be very patient with you as you slaughter their language in the process of asking questions. They’ll always find some way to help you out.

You can also bet that if they do speak English, they are your new best friend who you’ll keep incontact with for months after you’ve left.

Time for Adventure

Not only is it scenically beautiful and full of waterfalls and thermal baths. Southern Ecuador is also the place to go if you’re looking for some adventure! It’s home to the ‘Swing at the Edge of the World’ and the ‘Swing to Heaven’. It’s also home to other adventure-based tourist activities like mountain biking, rafting, slack-lining, zip-lining, canyoning, and paragliding over volcanoes.

Check out what Ecuador has to offer here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of ridiculously underrated destinations around the world.

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