Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Exquisite Europe

So here we are – the part four of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 – Exquisite Europe! I hope you enjoyed reading my choices for budget travel destinations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

For Europe, I have opted for six destinations spanning from the east to the west of the continent. The last two will definitely come as a surprise for many as they are not usually considered budget travel destinations!

Exquisite Europe


Tatev, Armenia which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Armenia #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations #CheapTravel
Ancient Monastery in Tatev, Armenia

This small country of 3 million residents is one of the best budget travel destinations you can visit! Armenia is uniquely situated in the middle of two continents – Europe and Asia – resulting in the wonderful and colorful fusion of customs and traditions of both continents.

Is Armenia an Islamic country?

Unlike some of its’ neighboring countries, Armenia is not a Muslim country. In fact, Armenia claims to be the birthplace of Christianity with its several historical monasteries dotting its landscape!

Yerevan – the capital of Armenia has many sidewalk cafes that will delight coffee lovers all over the world. In addition, their cuisine is really delicious and you can have a great meal for around USD 5. Also, the world’s first winery has been traced back to the Areni-1 caves in Vayots Dzor province in the country.

There are numerous things to do in Armenia and the good thing most of them are at affordable prices! Accommodation is also cheap with an average night at the hotel ranges between USD 20 – 75. Transportation between cities is between USD 2 and 10 depending on the distance between cities.

The 300+ days of sunshine is an added bonus as visitors can enjoy the Armenian lifestyle and landscape at their own pace.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 2.5 – 16 (Two-course evening meal)
Accommodation: USD 20 – 75 (B&B or guesthouse room). Click to check rates!
Transportation: USD 10 – 21 (Taxi fare)
Visa: Armenia allows visa on arrival for most countries. You can find out if you are eligible here.

Some things you could do while in Armenia


Tbilisi, Georgia  which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Georgia #Tbilisi #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Panoramic view of Tbilisi, Georgia

There are three types of destinations! First, we have cheap and easily visited countries with a huge number of tourists on a daily basis. Then we have the hard-to-get-to but my-god-it’s-amazing holiday that costs a fortune. And then there is Georgia! Amazingly beautiful, exotic, diverse, friendly, one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe and relatively undiscovered.

When you visit Georgia, start with its capital Tbilisi! Here you find a mixture of the past and the future. From buildings of the Soviet era and ancient sulfur baths to quirky buildings and lively modern cafes.

After exploring the pleasures of the city, head to the countryside, the true gem of Georgia. The four most amazing villages are Mestia, Ushguli, Kazbegi, and Mtskheta.

Do they speak English in Georgia?

Georgian and Russian are commonly spoken here. You will find that most people barely speak a word of English, so, its best to hire a guide while you are there. They charge per day and the prices vary depending on the quality of the guide’s skills.

You should not attempt to drive yourself as the driving here is done at one-speed – MENTAL! Public transport is ridiculously cheap or you can join the many 1-4 day tours organized by small local agencies. But I would recommend a guide or a private car.

Food is cheap here, you can have a good meal at a local restaurant for as low as USD 5! A Marshrukta ride costs less than 50 cents! Entrance fees to museums and historical sites are mostly less than USD 2!!! Quality hostels at a reasonable price range too – between USD 5 & 13 per person!

 The locals are extremely warm and welcoming, and hitchhiking is totally possible for short and long-distance travel. There are many day trips, hikes, and monasteries in Georgia, that one can easily spend months and not get bored. It’s perfect if you have more time than money.

Georgia is another underrated European destination that’s absolutely beautiful and affordable.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 5 – 7 (Two-course meal)
Accommodation: USD 14 – 45 (Midrange accommodation per person). Click to check rates!
Transportation: USD 35 (Car hire)
Visa: Most of you will be able to enter Georgia without a visa, and stay for one year.  If you need to apply for a visa, you can do it here.

Some things you could do while in Georgia


Decebal Statue in the Romanian Carpathaian Mountains which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Romania #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Decebal Statue in Romania

Romania is another affordable European destination that is off the beaten path! While most commonly known for Transylvania, the birthplace of Dracula, there are many other charming towns and activities one can visit and do.

Whether you’re taking a long stroll through the medieval villages, or people-watching in one of the beautiful parks, Romania is great for anyone after a European experience on a budget.

What kind of country is Romania?

There are many walking tours you can use to check out the historical sites. With 14 national parks perfect for scenic drives and outdoor activities, Romania is also an amazing destination for nature lovers.

To understand the cost of traveling in Romania, it’s important to know that the local currency is Lei (or RON) and that 1 RON is worth about 23 cents. You will pay about USD 12 for a 3-course meal at a mid-range restaurant and USD 1 – 2 for coffee.

As for transportation and hotels, a one-way bus ticket should cost about 50 cents while a taxi will charge 50 cents per km. In Romania, you can find accommodations for literally any budget.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 10 per meal (lunch and dinner in a quality restaurant)
Accommodation: USD 33 – 45 per night (Double room in a midrange hotel). Check out rates here!
Transportation: USD 9 (Taxi from airport to center in Sofia)
Visa: Find out if you need to apply for a visa prior to traveling here.

Some things you could do while in Romania


Sofia, Bulgaria which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Bulgaria #Sofia #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Aerial view of downtown of Sofia, Bulgaria

From the Black Sea beaches to the untamed mountains and forests, from ancient ruins and fortress to vast gold-domed churches and religious art, Bulgaria guarantees unforgettable adventures!

Children play a big part in the social and cultural scenes of family-friendly Bulgaria. Aside from bars, children are welcomed with open arms at restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

What is Bulgaria best known for?

The Black Sea coast, and winter sports areas such as Bansko, are the most family-friendly regions. Bigger hotels here often have playgroups and kids’ clubs. More rural areas may appeal to older children, as activities such as horse riding, cycling, and wildlife-watching are available. All big towns have public parks with playgrounds, as well as attractions that children might enjoy, like zoos, which you can find in both Sofia and Varna.

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. A room in a simple guesthouse can cost anything between USD 15 – 30 per night while a meal from a cafeteria would set you back USD 3! Public transport costs around 50 cents per person!

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 11 – 16 per meal (Meals in good restaurants)
Accommodation: USD 28 per person (Double in a midrange hotel). Click to check availability!
Transportation: USD 7 (Train/bus tickets)
Visa: Since Bulgaria became part of the EU, there is a host of countries that do not require a visit visa. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones.

Some things you could do while in Bulgaria


Malta which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Malta #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Vibrant fisherman boats in Malta

This tiny archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean is one of the few budget travel destinations in the world that offer the perfect mix of culture, history, cuisine, natural wonder, adventure, fun-packed activities, and a busy night scene, all within short driving distance!

The most affordable time to visit is between October and March (the winter months) when the temperature is around 15-18C. Avoid the high season (July – August) when it’s the most expensive and busiest time of the year. Between April and May, the weather is excellent and is not packed with tourists.

What is Malta famous for?

There is lots for kids to see and do in Malta – boat trips, snorkeling, caves, forts, and castles! Adults can enjoy the pedestrianized town centers and interact with friendly locals at the laid-back, open-air restaurants. With the short distances between places, and you have an ideal family holiday destination.

With cheap places to stay, low-cost airfare and transport on the island, reasonably priced food, and fantastic activities for free or low cost – for ALL types of travelers including solo & couple travelers, backpackers, and families, Malta need not be an expensive vacation! Check out my ultimate travel guide for Malta for more info.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 22 – 33 per meal (Meal in a restaurant)
Accommodation: USD 44 – 66 per night (Double room in a budget hotel). Book now and save!
Transportation: USD 16 (12-journey bus pass)
Visa: There is a host of countries that do not require a visit visa. You can find out if you need a visa here.

Some things you could do while in Malta


Lisbon, Portugal  which is 1 of the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020 #travelclans #Lisbon #Portugal #BudgetTravel #Travel #Destinations
Azenhas do Mar in Sintra near Lisbon Portugal

Medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities, and golden beaches: the Portugal experience can be many things. History, great food, and idyllic scenery are just the beginning…

What can you do in Portugal?

The great thing about Portugal for children is its manageable size and the range of sights and activities on offer. There’s so much to explore and to catch the imagination, even for those with very short attention spans.

The Algarve has to be the best kid-pleasing destination in Portugal, with endless beaches, zoos, water parks, horse-riding outfits, and boat trips.

Kids will also be happy in Lisbon and its outlying provinces. Attractions include trams, puppet shows, a huge aquarium, a toy museum, horse-drawn carriages, castles, parks, and playgrounds.

Daily Costs

Meals: USD 10 – 15 per meal (Lunch special at a family-run restaurant)
Accommodation: From USD 35 onwards (Basic hotel room for two). Click to check availability!
Transportation: USD 25 onwards (Second-class train ticket from Lisbon to Faro)
Visa: Similar to Bulgaria, Portugal is part of the EU and there are a few countries that do not need a visa. Find out if you are one of them.

Some things you could do while in Portugal

Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020

So there you have it! From India to Portgual the Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations in 2020! I hope you found the list helpful and if you think I missed anything, please let me know in the comments!

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