Best Beach Vacations for Families – Cape Town, ZA

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Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most renowned destinations for Best Beach Vacations for Families, especially for those who enjoy blue waters and shiny sand beaches.

Welcome to Blue Mountain Beach

Bloubergstrand Beach also known as the Blue Mountain Beach is one of the most family-friendly and secure beaches in Cape Town and is a retreat for adults and children. Walk along the long coastline while getting a clear view of Table Mountain. Make sure you have enough battery backup for your cameras as there will be non-stop photo taking.

  • Although it is a well-known tourist spot, it is not very crowded and is ideal for families to spend quality time.
  • Alongside the parking area, there are ice-cream, cold drink and pancake stalls along with African vendors selling traditional handicrafts.
  • There’s a Cape Town Tourism information center located in the area where the beach ends known as Dolphin beach end.
  • The beach consists of public toilets (no shower) and a children’s park equipped with swings and climbing frames and a covered cove for some water splashing. Additionally, there?s a grassed ground for picnics and ball games. All near the tourist information center.
  • It’s a popular area for beach surfers, kitesurfing and joggers. Enjoy the low tides as you move along the white sandy coastline.

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How to get there?

Bloubergstrand Beach is 32 minutes drive from Cape Town International Airport. If you take a Minivan service it will cost around USD 23 and for a standard class fare such as a Toyota Camry or similar will cost about USD 22.

Accommodation is surprisingly affordable

That’s right! For a family of 4, check out Table Mountain View for USD 97 per night for a 2 bedroom apartment. Want a beach view? I’d recommend Beachside Villa & Penthouse for USD 109 per night.

Shop your heart out

Shops selling traditional Items in Cape Town
  • Bayside Mall is your one-stop for shopping good food under one roof. The mall is home to renowned brands as well as African retailers. You’ll find everything from fashion to perfume and jewelry. Also, chill out in one of many cafes or catch a movie in one of Ster-Kenikor’s cinemas in the center of the food court.
  • Next, only 10 minutes drive from the beach is Table Bay Mall which consists of over 150 shops and restaurants. You’ll find labels from around the world for products ranging from fashion to electronics. The mall also has banks, pharmacies and beauty, and hair salons, so there are numerous reasons to be here.

SA cuisine – a treat for meat lovers

Most traditional South African food is based on non-veg recipes like the Babotie, made from spiced minced lamb or beef, Boerewors which is a sausage sandwich served with homemade ketchup, fries and onion rings. To get a taste of such and more local delicacies I’d suggest Golden Bay Spur Steak Ranch. Also, there?s Moyo Blouberg which serves African food with veg options. For Indian or Asian taste, Thali and The Indian Chapter Restaurant are the best places to be. Not to forget, they are also veg-friendly.

Danger Will Robinson!

Although Cape Town is one of the top tourism destinations in the world, it is not completely perfect. Tourists are advised to avoid displaying cash or using expensive cameras or other valuable goods. For first time visitors, It’s best to finish all trips and activities before sunrise so you can get back to your accommodation in good time as gang-related crimes have been reported in certain parts of the city.

Cape Town Beach Vacation is one for the family

Jointly, Cape Town is home to exotic beaches, good food, great shopping and loads of fun. If you haven?t been here yet, aren’t you missing out on all this? If the answer is yes, then it?s time to plan a trip and pack those bags.


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  1. Hey tarun!

    Wow I’ve heard good things about Capetown a my friends work there but man, that view is breathtaking! $97 for a 2 bedroom is super affordable for Bloubergstrand and not as expensive as I thought. That’s it, I’m sold! Going to visit there next year for a quick vacay! 

    How is the English understanding of the people there, should I avoid the rural areas or can I go anywhere without a language barrier there?

    • Hi Riaz,

      South Africa was a british colony for a very long time so english will not be a problem, just understanding their accent lol. 

      I would not recommend going to the rural areas without a local guide 

  2. Thank you for sharing with this great view of Cape Town city. Most of the time we need to go to travel to change ideas and relax.A good place like Cape Town is ideal.

    I liked this review and the author was clear about the security and tried to give precise time to be out to avoid some thieves which can take visitors money or object and it is not a particular issue ,it is common to many big cities

    I think I will visit Cape Town soon as my cousin who lives there is getting married in February 2019. .

  3. Great info.We are planning to spend Christmas holiday in Pretoria together with my wife and kids, so I have been looking for attractive places we would spend our time during the period from 20 December to around 29 December 2018. Its a 9 day holiday in SA. We will then go back home for New Year. We live in the neighbouring Zimbabwe.

    Thank you so much, I fall in love with the intertainment and overall site of Blue Mountain Beach. The price for a night is very affordable.

    Thank you so much 



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