24 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations – Part 1

It’s December and that means only one thing – Christmas is around the corner! woohoo! To celebrate the festive season here are 24 of the best Christmas vacation destinations you should consider visiting.

24. Santiago, Chile

Since the arrival of the Spanish, Chile has been predominantly Catholic, so Christmas is celebrated by the majority of the locals. Because, Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere, and the summer months fall in December, so Christmas here is very hot unlike the winter snow one would associate with the conception of Christmas.

In Santiago, most of the streets and homes will be decorated, traditionally with a Christmas tree or ‘Arbol de Pascua’ adorned with lights, garlands and the nativity scene. Chileans start celebrating Christmas once they have attended midnight mass and it carries on all night. It only stops the next morning when they go to get breakfast at the Central Market.

Christmas in Santiago, Chile

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23. Goa, India

Goa is home to 400 churches which may be strange given that India’s population is predominantly Hindu, giving visitors a unique Christmas experience. Attend the midnight mass, indulge in Indian-Portuguese influenced Goan Christmas Dinner, explore rural Goa, enjoy the beach, partake in the Burn the Old Man fest and party hard and fast at hundreds of clubs and pubs here throughout the holiday season. You simply won’t run out of things to do here, your Christmas vacation in Goa will definitely be colorful and memorable.

Christmas in Goa, India

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22. Tallinn, Estonia

If you looking for a white Christmas, then look no further than Tallinn, Estonia, where snow during the holidays is always guaranteed! The Tallinn Christmas Market is colorful and with a touch of a fairy tale. It is open from 17 November to the 6 January and held every year at the Town Hall Square, where you will also find a huge Christmas tree, the most important one in Estonia. It’s simply majestic! The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square dates back to 1441, making it the first one of its kind in Europe!

Christmas in Tallinn, Estonia

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21. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to visit for family Christmas breaks. Like Chile, the weather is usually conducive to enjoy as many summer activities as you like. Christmas in Cape Town is beautiful and warm. And the South Africans know how to celebrate the holiday festivities. Enjoy hundreds of fancy festive lights as the sun sets along one of Cape Town’s most famous historic streets – Adderly Street. Such a fantastic destination for family Christmas holidays.

Christmas in Cape Town, South Africa

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20. Manila, Philippines

Fact – Filipinos take their Christmas seriously! They celebrate the world’s longest Christmas seasons, with festivities starting as early as the month of September and only ending at the end of January. FIVE months of Christmas means there will be plenty to do and see here. Activities ranging from Christmas Symphony of Light to Christmas Bazaar, the quintessential Christmas Tree to many fun-filled, free family activities all over the town.

Christmas in Manila, Philippines

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19. Singapore

Singapore will not be a place most people think about when deciding on a Christmas Vacation Destination for but Singaporeans turn their city into a spectacular magical wonderland with plenty of lights for this season. The city doesn’t skimp on anything, from fantastic shopping malls decorations, beautiful Christmas light-up, and decors along Orchard Road, and non-stop festivities in all of its main attractions that go well into the New Year.

Christmas in Singapore

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18. San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

When you think of Mexico you think of the beach, humidity, and drugs but not a white Christmas. But when you visit this Mexican cultural capital during the holiday season, San Miguel de Allende knows how to celebrate Navidad. Throughout the entire month of December, the warm-weather holiday destination comes alive with feasts, parades, musical performances, and fiestas. Donkeys, pietas, colorful lights and tinsel fill the streets, and people sing and dance in the town squares.

Christmas in San Miguel De Allende

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17. Copenhagen, Denmark

As if Copenhagen isn’t stunning as it in on normal days, try it during the Christmas seasons. Do you know those enchanting magical wintery-snowfall-reindeer- Christmas you read in books? yeah, that’s Copenhagen. This Danish capital is lit during the Christmas seasons. Explore the Tivoli Gardens with Christmas delicacies, lights, rides and tunes. On top of that, beautifully decorated stalls much like how I imagined  Santa s Village (more on that later) would look like in the North Pole.

Christmas in Copehagen, Denmark

Check out hotel availability if you planning on visiting Copenhagen. Also, grab flight deals while you at it too.

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  1. There you go! December is already here. Looks like 2018 just came and now we are in December already. Choosing Am destination for Christmas can be a really tricky and a touch decision for so many people. This article has eliminated all the stress for people by shortlisting the best destinations around the world.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  2. You provide a great Christmas travel destination list.You mentioned Tallinn, it’s really a great place to visit. I live in neighboring Latvia and I can also recommend Riga. The offer here is no less than in Tallinn or Copenhagen, but prices are clearly lower. Yes, snow to 90% is guaranteed too.

  3. I love celebrating christmas mostly with my family and friends, with this post now I know where my family and I can enjoy the best vacation ever, I would definitely love to visit Estonia since I believe they are the best country that knows how to celebrate Christmas the most. And I would love to see Denmark during Christmas period but that will be next year thanks for this post it is really helpful. Happy Christmas in advance.

  4. Wow…So many splendid destinations to visit during the Christmas! Personally speaking we have been associating Christmas with cold winters, snowfall, reindeers and the magical Santa Claus. Hence, vising Santiago, Chile might be a huge culture shock for people like us who stay in the northern hemisphere isn’t it? However, Copenhagen seems to be a mystical place and your article has got me hooked and I have already decided to be there this time. 

    Thanks Tarun for the wonderful article.

  5. Thank you for sharing with this great article on 24 Best  Christmas Vacation Destination.We are approaching Christmas and people are looking for best places to visit on Christmas with family members especially children as it is said that Christmas party is for children.Your recommendation is of great help for those people who are looking for such wonderful places to visit.

    You mention Cape Town as one of the best places to visit on Christmas,I think I am going to visit this place before Christmas as I have a sister who will get married on 20 December,so I will be there on Christmas too.I will enjoy the place

  6. Hi Tarun,

    This is such a lovely post and very festive! I personally love a white Christmas so Tallinn is probably going to be at the top of my list for Christmas destinations however, Manila and Singapore look incredible as well! Maybe I’ll have to go travelling at Christmas more than once! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. This is great! Very well written and informative! I have never thought about some of these places to spend Christmas in…like Estonia…now on my bucket list of Christmas destinations! I like that you have even included some places that are warm and may not “feel” like Christmas with the weather, but are never the less celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! 

  8. Wow! great source of best vacation place together. I would love to go to Goa soon. This information is really a great help for those people who are looking for such beautiful places to travel. I believe family trip also will be properly enjoyable in these place. Though I have no capacity to go all places now but I wish I will do it in future. I am going to bookmark your page for future reference. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  9. Thank you so much for the well written and well organized post. Also, very well illustrated !!
    I have never been to any of the places you wrote about, but I almost feel as though I have.
    Thank you so much for giving me a touch of the Christmas Spirit !!


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