11 Best Travel Accessories for Men on Amazon for 2019

Finding affordable Travel Accessories for Men that make traveling easier without compromising style can be challenging but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best travel accessories for men on Amazon.

From a travel organizer to compression socks, this list contains many travel-related products that fit your needs as a guy on the go!

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11 of the best travel accessories for men from the amazon store for under $20 #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

Toiletry Travel Organizer Bag

First on the list of travel accessories for men is the TSA approved Toiletry Organizer Bag.

The bag is made from four high-quality leather corners and comes with a handle for easy carrying. The thick large zipper makes it easy to open in a hurry.

Toiletry Travel Organizer Bag - 11 of the best travel accessories for men #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

The Toiletry bag has one main compartment, a small inside zipper pouch, that help you put shaving cream, knives, bottles, toothbrush, floss, tie clip, and other small items.

It is a small bag for short trips and fits easily into a backpack or suitcase for travel and home. It is available in 5 colors – black, grey, blue, coffee, and army green.

Bagsmart Electronic Travel Organizer

A large number of cables? Lots of small PC accessories? Used to be a common traveler’s headache but not anymore! With the Bagsmart Electronics Accessories Organizer, it makes packing so much easier. This case makes the most efficient use of packing space inside your suitcase and still keeps your accessories neat.

Bagsmart Electronic Travel Organizer - 11 of the best travel accessories for men #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

It has a double zipper opening for easy and quick access, 2 inner mesh pockets with zippers that can fit portable hard drives, 6 mesh pouches with elastic loops to store different size USB drives, and 3 SD card slots!

What I like about the organizer is that it serves as a travel checklist – just open the case and check if everything is there, preventing you from leaving things behind.

Buffway Slim Leather Wallet

Most RFID blocking sleeves are bulky & difficult to carry when traveling, but this one has been designed with the modern traveler in mind. Extra slim, lightweight & perfectly portable,

Buffway Slim Leather Wallet - 11 of the best travel accessories for men  #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

The Buffway wallet features EIGHT slot compartments. 4 slots to hold credit, debit, bank and even passport cards. It has 2 side-slip pockets for business cards, membership cards, and train cards. There is also a middle pocket for cash, tickets, receipts, coupons, etc. Last but not least there is one clear window slot with finger glide for ID, work badge or driver’s license

This wallet definitely focuses on looking to lighten your load while still protecting your identity.

Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet

If you prefer to keep your wallet hidden while on holiday, then you will like Venture 4th’s Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet. Perfectly constructed to provide the latest in high-tech safety and security features. From RFID protection to defend you against the threat of digital thieves, to an invisible and seamless design that keeps your valuables hidden and out of the sight of a pickpocket.

Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet - 11 of the best travel accessories for men #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

Thanks to the anti-chafing, anti-sweat design of the Venture4th travel pouch, you can enjoy all-day comfort and convenience. Simply adjust the hook, strap and loop fastener find your perfect fit, then enjoy invisible protection for your valuables.

The mesh separators between each section in your travel wallets will help to keep your cards and valuables free from scratches and damage while ensuring that you can grab the items you need at a moment’s notice – perfect for this airport hassles.

No matter where your next journey might take you when you travel with Venture 4th’s Neck Pouch, you travel with peace of mind.

Men’s Travel Manicure Set

A must in travel accessories for men list is this travel manicure set. A luxury for any guy! Aceoce Professional Manicure Kit contains 7 tools for hand care, facial and foot care which meets all of your needs.

Men's Travel Manicure Set - 11 of the best travel accessories from the amazon store for under $20 #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

The set comes with a portable synthetic leather case that is easily opened with a push of a button. You can put the nail art accessories sets tools into your fashion bags, lightweight and Handy when you go traveling.

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Going on holiday is fun but always worrying if your stuff is safe, isn’t. Getting the Matein anti-theft travel backpack is one way of protecting your valuables.

So why do I like this backpack so much? Where do I begin? hmmm…

Okay first off, it comes with a USB charger port, very handy when your phone battery is dying and you suddenly find the perfect Instagram shot! Secondly, the anti-theft pocket sits up against your back making it hard for pickpockets to steal personal items like your passport and cash.

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack- 11 of the best travel accessories from the amazon store #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

Then there is the padding – the back, shoulder straps and grab handle is sufficiently padded making it comfortable to carry heavy loads. You can also slide its luggage strap over the luggage tube and attached it to your rolling luggage securely for easier transport.

The backpack comes in two sizes 15″ and 17″ and in multiple colors. It has 3 compartments, the main where you can store clothes, headsets, cameras, books, etc, the front compartment for your phone, keys, pens, glasses and any other small items, and a separate compartment for your laptop. On either side, there are Durable Elasticized Mesh Pockets that fit a water bottle, a small compact umbrella and other items.

Once you back from your travels, you can use it either as a laptop bag or school backpack, making it the perfect Christmas gift!

Sleepy Ride’s Airplane Footrest

Long flights in coach can be a pain in the leg – literally! Sleepy Ride’s hammock footrest eliminates that problem. Their footrest is crafted with high-quality, thick memory foam to greatly enhance your travel experience. It is easy to use – simply hang it on the arms of the tray table (up or down, doesn’t matter) and place your feet in footrest. It has adjustable straps that allow for the perfect length to provide the necessary support.

Sleepy Ride's Airplane Footrest #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

Due to the hammock-like experience, it helps prevent lower back pain, stiffness and leg swelling suffered during long flights.

It is lightweight and compact and easily fits into your carry-on luggage or favorite flight travel bag making it an excellent gift for the travelers in your life.

Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags

If you are like me, having the right footwear on holiday is fundamental and more the better I say!. The Yamiu (set of 4) travel shoe bag is a great buy even if you aren’t traveling often.

Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

These zippered bags are made of lightweight waterproof nylon and whether you heading off to the gym or on holiday, they do not comprise the cleanliness of your other clothes.

With two sizes available and an unconditional lifetime warranty, these bags are convenient and high-quality. Also, if you have a spare it can be used as a toiletries bag.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Even though it was designed with snorkelers and surfers in mind for the open waters, the Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case is perfect for leisure weekend at the pool.

Waterproof Phone Pouch  #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

This rated IPX8 certified waterproof bag can guard your phones against water, ice, and dirt. It can protect not only your phone, but also those carry-on documents, cards, and even cash.

Unlike those non-transparent bags, Mpow waterproof bag features all-around transparent material, which does not block the camera(front and back). It allows for enjoyable underwater shooting with your phone. This waterproof phone cover is designed not to hinder touch screen use underwater. Transparent cover to not block the camera use. You can perfectly operate your cellphone but not for touch ID fingerprint. Easy to use, this waterproof case features a snap clasp and lock seal system that ensures full protection against even storm.

Universal Travel Adapter

One thing you definitely want in your Bagsmart Electronic Travel Organizer is upgraded Universal Travel Adapter from Castries.

Universal Travel Adapter #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

The Castries travel adapter is made of high-quality flame-retardant material. Additionally, if there is over-voltage, the fuse will cut off automatically. It can withstand 6000 times plug and pull out over 8 years (an average of 2 times per day).

It is compatible with any type of mobile phones, computers, tablets, digital cameras and a series of electronic products. True to its name it is not subject to any geographical restrictions.

Small and portable you can easily carry it anywhere.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

Long flights, hikes and or queues can have long-lasting effects on your legs leading to varicose veins. Wearing the correct compression socks is crucial!

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks  #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks gets your blood circulating in style. It is great relief from Calf Compression or other leg swelling issues. The compression & support is perfectly located on Heel, Foot, Calves and the Toe area won’t squeeze your aching toe joints.

With comfortable material and careful construction, there are no stitches in places where they’ll rub or rip together. They wash well without losing compression keeping all the vascular toning benefits.

The Steal of 2019

What I really love about this list is, that other than the anti-theft backpack, all the travel accessories for men are under $20! That really is a steal and makes them perfect travel accessory gifts for your traveler friends and family.

I hope you liked the list and find some of these travel accessories for men beneficial. If you think I’ve missed something or love this post, leave a comment.

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11 of the best travel accessories for men from the amazon store for under $20 #travelclans #travelaccessories #men

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  1. Great list of travel accessories for men. I personally love the idea of the Sleepy Ride?s hammock footrest! This would work great especially for planes or Overnight Bus Rides cause sometimes those little foot rests just don’t do the job. I also am a big advocate of Compression socks especially for hikers and backpackers. These can often safe your feet from blisters even more than a good set of boots!


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