15 Top Things To Do In New York City

Some folks like to hop on a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood, but I like to get away to The Big Apple because it has so many attractions. Here are my 15 top things to do in New York City

Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island are the five boroughs that makeup New York City. Even though each borough has many things to do, Manhattan has the most popular spots in the city

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The Bronx Zoo

Not to be confused with the zoo from the Madagascar animated movies (that was Central Park Zoo). You are surrounded by woods, amazing animals, and atmosphere and you forget you are in the Bronx! The zoo is amazing. On Wednesdays, you can visit the zoo for free, however, donations are encouraged no matter how little it is.

American Museum of Natural History

I try to visit at least one museum in every city I travel too and the American Museum of Natural History is my favorite! There is just so much to see and learn! You will end up spending half a day or more easily! It features dinosaurs, butterflies, and about anything your heart desires. Enjoy a Space Show screening or explore the Rose Center for Earth & Space. Also, why wouldn’t you want to visit the set of Night at the Museum series?

Central Park

How can you visit New York and not spend time at the world’s most famous park? Central Park is HUGE so plan a whole day there. There is so much to do and see – Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Castle, and Shakespearean nights are just the tip of the iceberg!

Broadway Theater

Here are a few reasons why you cannot skip visiting Broadway Theater – The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin, Wicked and Blue Man Group. Enough said!

You can buy tickets from Showtickets.com and save BIG!

Museum of Modern Art

Another museum but definitely worth the visits especially on Friday afternoons since it’s totally FREE. From 4-8 pm every Friday, MoMA in Manhattan is free for every visitor but due to this the lines are long to get in but it gets shorter after 6 pm.

It also has an outdoor space free to the public from 9-10:15 am every day. It’s called the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden and features arts & sculptures for viewing that most visitors don’t even know about.

Time Square

Another on the list of things you HAVE to do! It’s busy throughout the day but after sunset it just gets insane! Bright lights + famous spot = great insta pics! Oh, and there is some great shopping too!

Bryant Park

Not as famous as Central but still a fabulous park. During the summer, they set up free games for families to play and in winter they offer free ice-skating. Also, there is a carousel that is open from 11 am to 7 pm.

Empire State Building

One of the many iconic buildings in New York, if not the most! I’ve been up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and it doesn’t compare to the breathtaking 360? view of the city skyline from the Empire State Building. The building was originally constructed in 1931 and was the tallest building in the world close to 40 years! Being a very popular destination you will want to get there as early as possible to beat the crowd. Buy Now and Save!

The High Line

Built on an abandoned metro line that stands 30 feet above the ground, the High Line is one of the Big Apple’s most famous walkways. This plant-covered 2.3 km path connects the Javits Convention Center to the Meatpacking District and offers an awesome view of Manhattan’s West Side.

On the free public tours, you will learn the story behind the park, while enjoying the numerous art pieces displayed along the route.

9/11 Memorial Museum

9/11 was a day that changed the world forever and especially for the people of NYC. This memorial is an amazing way to showcase those who were affected and the heroes who stepped in. Our children need to learn from our mistakes and that violence and hatred will not lead us anywhere but love and accepting people for who they are will. For me personally, this has to be on any what things to do in New York City list.

Battery Park

New York City might be known for its skyscrapers but it does have its share of parks. Battery Park located at the very southern tip of Manhattan provides you the perfect place to relax and take in the view of the harbor. For only $4, you can take a tour of New York from along the water, starting at 34th Street in Midtown and ending at Governor Island.

Statue of Liberty

New York has many iconic monuments and none more so than Lady Liberty herself. If you have bought the New York City pass, it includes access to the grounds (Liberty Island) but not the actual monument or the Crown. They only allow a certain number of people through the crown in a day, so be sure to order your tickets ahead of time. These tickets will also allow you to skip the long security line. The Ellis Island Museum is included in the ticket, so if you choose to visit it as well, this tour will probably take 4 hours.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Everything about this place is absolutely beautiful! Founded in 1910, this 52-acre garden holds over 14,000 plants and have over 900,000 visitors. It includes a number of specialty “gardens within the garden”, plant collections, three climate-themed plant pavilions, a glass aquatic plant house as well as an art gallery.

The New York Aquarium

You can get free admission on Fridays after 3 pm to the Aquarium.

Fun Fact: The New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating aquarium in the United States, having opened in Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan in 1896.

Being part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the aquarium’s mission is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. The facility occupies 14 acres and boasts 266 species of aquatic wildlife

Coney Island Boardwalk

Right next to the New York Aquarium is Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk which is nearly 5 km long. Enjoy a stroll while taking in the sights and sounds as there is a ton of things going on from shopping to entertainment. Plan your visit during summer, as the beach is generally closed during the winter months.

Honorable mentions to Wall Street and Federal Hall, Grand Central Station, Little Italy, and China Town, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Top of The Rock Observation Deck and Columbus Circle.

Logistics for the Big Apple

Attraction Savings: If you buy the New York City Pass you can SAVE UP TO 40% on combined attraction prices.

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Internal Travel: New York is a walking city, but you will need to use public transportation to make the most of your visit. Get a MetroCard and depending on how long your trip is you can choose from Pay-Per-Ride, Unlimited Ride or 7-day card.

Where to Stay in New York: Most first time visitors to NYC like to stay in Manhattan, however, it can be expensive. I would recommend for a more affordable stay to look at Brooklyn or the Bronx. Check here for the best accommodation prices.

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10 thoughts on “15 Top Things To Do In New York City”

  1. I have never ever visited New York, nor, for that matter, the USA! I live in the UK.

    But New York does sound amazing, and I would really like to visit it some day.

    Of course I have heard of some of the places in New York which you recommend, but certainly not all of them. You have got some great photos there.

    I was wondering if you have a favourite place which you always visit when you go to New York.

    Very many thanks for a really interesting post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi chrissie,

      if you have been to London and enjoy it you will love NYC! its just a city on the go!

      my favourite place? Central park! you can go walks, cycle, jog, or just relax and watch the shows going on!

  2. Great article! My cousin and aunt went to New York recently and apparently they loved it! Although I have never been, I can see it being a pretty cool place to live. However, I am not sure I would be able to get over the packed streets and such as it is nothing like that where I am located. What would your top pick of something to do in New York be? Thanks for the great article!

    • dont worry Kohl! there streets arent as crowded as places like india or china, so you should be fine!

      there are my top picks for new york! there is easily another 30things you could do in your 2nd and 3rd trips!

  3. My wife and I  have traveled to many places, and that involves many different websites and phone calls to arrange our trip. I agree it is even tougher when you are younger with children. You have a lot of information I wish we had when traveling with our son and daughter years ago. I see your blog is not just for families with children though since you have very informative information on various places to visit at one’s destination. 

    I have referred your blog with several of our friends with kids so they can enjoy the tips and ideas. Thanks. Bill

  4. This is an excellent article and gives some wonderful information! You have made me excited to take a trip to New York City! Every one of the destinations you have pointed out sound interesting and would be tons of fun. How many days would it take to enjoy all the places you have described? There seems like so much to do I can’t imagine that everything could be seen in one week. I love museums and parks and you have definitely covered those. Everything is affordable too which makes it even better. Thanks for sharing this helpful article and when I make plans to visit NYC, I will take your article with me. 

    • Hi Walker,

      you looking at a 7-10 days if you take your time and enjoy each place… i wouldnt suggest you rush through just to tick it off the list.
      glad you liked the post! dont forget to share!

  5. I used to stay in NYC every summer with a friend of my parents (she had lost her son at an early age and had been in my life since I was born and LOVED those summer visits! She took me all over NYC and taught me lots of history. She also worked for Mademoiselle magazine so I got to go into work with sometimes to see the behind the scenes, lol. I miss those visits. Anyway, I told you all of that to tell you that I LOVE NYC and these are great places to visit!


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