Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Muscat, Oman

Dubai is not the only winter sun holiday destination in the Middle East. The region is also home to some diverse, culture, and rich and historical countries where you’re bound to have a great time with your family.

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the best winter sun destinations as it welcomes people from around the world for a fun-filled and memorable experience.

Winter is Coming!

Ideal time months to visit Oman is from December to February, as temperatures during this time are around 22 ?C with a few degrees high and low.

Good to know

  • 1 Omani Riyal equals 1000 paisa (coins) unlike other currencies that equal to 100 coins for 1 bill.
  • The locals are friendly and helpful.
  • It is safe to move around at night with your family

Lodgings? Take your pick!

Muscat, Capital of Oman

Muscat, the capital alone, is full of attractions and activities. But first, you need to find suitable accommodation for which I’d suggest Intercontinental Muscat, for a price of US $364 per night for a double room or Sheraton Oman Hotel for the same price for a double room, accommodating a family of four. If you prefer staying beside the beach, then Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa is a great option for US S701 per night for a double room.

Local Transportation…Brooom Brooom

Oman has a well-developed transport system that is convenient and affordable at the same time. Fares start from 5.18 Riyal for a distance of up to 13 km by taxi and 3 Riyal per fare for an intercity bus. Rates vary depending on your desired location.

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Top Things to do in Oman – woohoo!

  • Muslim culture is well-known for its beautiful infrastructure of mosques and other religious buildings. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of the top tourist destinations in the country and is open to tourists from 9 to 11 am.
  • Hangout or take a long walk along the Mutrah Corniche which will also give you a glimpse of the old Muscat city.
  • Mutrah Souq is one of the best places to shop for local handicrafts, clothing, ornaments, and gifts.
  • Take a big bus tour and explore the city from a wider angle without having to follow maps. Tours start from 9 am and prices start from USD $200 for the classic tour for a family of four.
  • Visit the National Museum of Oman which is home to over 12,500 belongings of the Oman Empire and its surroundings.
  • For children, there’s Marah Land amusement park, located at Qurum Park where they can spend countless hours having fun. Also, a three-section science museum is ideal for some knowledge. Magic Planet Muscat, is great for indoor fun and games. Also, most malls consist of play areas for kids which will keep them busy while you shop around.

What about food and shopping?

Traditional Omani foods include Shuwa, which is a goat or lamb dish slowly cooked with a blend of spices. There’s also Harees which is another meat dish with a porridge-like texture. Makbous is another delicacy originating from Yemen, which is a meat dish accompanied by vegetables and rice.

Local shops selling traditional goods

Some good restaurants to check out are Kurkum, Begums, Woodlands, and The Indus Fine Dining which carry cuisines ranging from non-veg to vegetarian preferences.

For shopping, apart from the Mutrah Souq for traditional items, there are conventional malls where you’ll find all kinds of renowned brands and labels from around the world. Check out City Center, in Al Seeb, Muscat Grand Mall, and Oman Avenues Mall

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Final Word

Away from buzzing lights and hustle and bustle noises, Oman is a peaceful and fun getaway for a relaxing holiday. Trust me when I say this, you’re going to bump into a lot of people from your own country because as more people find out about this beautiful land, they can?t resist but witness it for themselves.

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Here are other winter sun holiday destinations Cuba, The Canary Islands, Egypt, The Maldives, Australia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Orlando, and Cancun.

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6 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Muscat, Oman”

  1. winter is the perfect time to spend a week someplace sunny or at the beach, someplace warm. i like that the malls have a place for kids to play, while adult shop that’s a great idea
    the malls in Indiana do not offer this

    • most malls in the middle east have kids play areas cos its too hot to go outside…gives an excuse for the mums and dads to get some me time and do some shopping while keeping the kids happy

  2. Hi Tarun,
    What a wonderful post! I had no idea about Oman, I didn’t know it was safe, but your Travel Clans post has really enlightened me. Did you feel safe all the time?
    Muscat? Is that a wine growing place by any chance?
    Thanks for sharing a great winter sun getaway and now I can place it on my bucket list!

    • Hi John, Muscat is a very safe country as the majority of population are expats from all over the world. As a Muslim country alcohol is not allowed, however they do allow it for non-muslims to consume. So to answer you question, wine is not made in this region.

  3. Muscat, Oman, sounds like something I would like I’m love being near the ocean. And love architecture of churches synagues and just plain site seeing. This sounds like a place made in Heaven just for me thanks for the information.

    • Hi scarlett, Oman is actually a muslim country so you will not find a synagogue there. You may find a church or two, however their mosques are worth a visit due to their architectural design.


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