Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Canary Islands, Spain

There are a few winter sun destinations to pick from. Cuba is one of them Another great holiday destination is the Canary Islands in Spain. Here you can be a bit adventurous and get warm without getting a heavy tan!

What makes the Canary Islands so special?

First of all, it’s the year-round sunny weather, which is usually around 21 degrees Celsius. There are seven main islands with several small ones surrounding them. You can pick either one or more, depending on how much you’re willing to travel. Tenerife is a favorite among tourists while Lanzarote is well-known for its amazing volcanic landscapes and gives you a glimpse of the local culture. And if you want to be lazy on exquisite beaches, Gran Canaria is the perfect place to be.

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Siam Water Park

Siam Water Park, Tenerife is where kids are going to be the happiest as they can enjoy all sorts of fun water slides and activities. The park is on the Siam beach coast, where you can relax after a long day at the park. Also there?s a Thai Market, where you can shop authentic goods imported from Thailand.

Loro Park

For animal lovers, there’s Loro Park, which is famous for its display of various Parrot breeds and Monkey Park which is a mini animal kingdom consisting of many kinds of monkey breeds from the playful chimpanzees to giant gorillas. It’s also home to some exotic birds, big cats, and reptiles.

  • In Lanzarote, Timanfaya National ParkCueva de Los Verdes, or The Green Caves are natural wonders you should not miss out on.
  • Ever heard of a submarine safari? If it excites you, take a safari ride 30m deep into the Atlantic Ocean where you’ll get to explore the amazing sea life that surrounds Lazorante. You’ll be accompanied by an expert diver who’ll swim alongside the submarine, feeding fish.
  • Take a walk while shopping at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you’ll come across all sorts of shops selling local goods to high-end brands. For traditional goods, head to Tegueste Market, where fresh fruit, meat, pastries, and handicrafts arrive from all over the island.
  • All Canary Islands are full of vegan and non-vegan restaurants to suit different tastes so you won’t have a problem finding your preferred cuisine within any locality.

Accommodation and Transport

I recommend taking budget hotels as there’s so much out there to explore, why waste time in a hotel room In Tenerife, Los Cristianos is the best area to stay in for families. Consider Club Tenerife for a one-bedroom apartment with a balcony at USD 111 per night or Apartmento en Los Cristianos for USD 122 per night, for a family of 4.

In Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is an ideal stay spot. I love Playa Blanca Beach Resort for just US $410 per night for a double room or Casa Guardia Panama at USD $255 per night for a quadruple room, for a family of 4.

The Canary Islands are equipped with a well-developed transport system. To travel between major centers, a bus is the most convenient form. You can make a Bono-Bus card for $16.50 to $41.50 for frequent traveling. This will save you good money on separate fares. For more privacy, you can hire a car or taxi for $1.5 per 0.6 km distance. Traveling between islands takes a boat ride costing usually under $100 per transfer.

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Forget old-fashioned holidays

It is common for people to head to central Europe or up north for a family vacation but this year try to come out of that shell and give the beautiful Canary Islands a chance. Because, to be honest, they are no less than a wonder.

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Here are other winter sun holiday destinations Cuba, Egypt, Oman, The Maldives, Australia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Orlando, and Cancun.

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9 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Canary Islands, Spain”

  1. A submarine safari sounds very cool and one that I’ve never heard of before. Great informative post! We live in Florida so our winters here a mild….we came from Colorado so we are definitely loving the nice winter weather, but for those in the cold climates one of your destinations would be like summer all over again.

  2. The Canary Islands has been on my list for a while, but work kept getting in the way! I love everything about the destinations in Spain, but the beauty of Tenerife has been on my mind since I saw it in a movie.

    Is it easy enough to get around if you do not speak Spanish? Is it possible to travel to Morocco and back without too much trouble?

  3. Hey Tarun,

    that’s a great review of Canary islands, and seems to be very exotic place to visit.  It is full of adventure and fun, specially Submarine Safar, I never heard of.  So checked out  some Youtube videos and it’s really astonishing.

    Trip to different islands must be a great venture but some what expensive, as it cost $100 per transfer.  Images are beautiful but have you used some filters?


    • Hi Shubhangi

      I prefer not to use filters for most of my pics as it doesnt give a true reflection of the what I was trying to show. But sometimes I end up taking bad pics and the only way to improve it is filters.

  4. This is a great place to visit.Canary Island Spain seems to be attractive place for tourists and I can understand it because it is a nice place to visit.

    Many people work hard to get money and go to great places to enjoy with their families and i found this place ideal for them.

    The beach is wide and what i like the most is Siam water park where kids can play and enjoy while their parents are enjoying too for that parents can’t be worried about the security of their children.

    Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  5. Hello Tarun. Thank you for sharing winter sun holiday destination – Canary Islands, Spain. I think this is a great place to enjoy adventure and get some warmth air.

    A walk to Santa Cruz de Tenerife looks like a great idea to me. I’d love to have some tastes of the fresh fruits around there.

  6. Wow! The Canary Islands, Spain are so beautiful to behold and would I think I will have some great time there with my lady friend ;). I think we could go see the Loro Park and get a view of the animals there. I love parrots. They get me excited. Monkeys are very funny. I think we will have an awesome experience together. Thank you for bringing The Canary Islands to my notice.


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